Excessive Sweating with Fibromyalgia #fibromyalgia #hyperhidrosis #beingfibromom

Excessive Sweating (or Hyperhidrosis) with Fibromyalgia

I recently read an article about fibromyalgia sufferers having an issue with excessive sweating. What is excessive sweating with fibromyalgia, what causes it, and why should fibromyalgia sufferers be concerned with it? Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post, but these are products I recommend and have verified and/or used. […]

Chronic Illness Bloggers Holiday Giveaway 2016 #ChronicIllnessBloggers

Holiday Giveaway 2016

The Chronic Illness Bloggers are celebrating the upcoming holidays with a HUGE holiday giveaway filled with 11 prize packs (valued between $400-$600). These prizes are sponsored by the amazing members of the Chronic Illness Bloggers Network including yours truly, Being Fibro Mom. What is the CIB Network? What are in the prize packs? How do you […]

5 Fibro-Friendly Magnesium Rich Mocktails #FibroBeverages #BeingFibroMom

5 Fibro-Friendly Magnesium Rich Mocktails

According to a recent study, less than 60% of adults get the recommended daily allowance of 300 mg of magnesium*. This deficiency is linked to many fibromyalgia symptoms such as inflammation, headaches, and stomach issues. To increase your magnesium intake, opt for some delicious fibro-friendly magnesium rich mocktails to supplement your days. Here are five […]

Why your kids friends need boundaries and how to do it #FibroParenting #BeingFibroMom

Why Your Kids’ Friends Need Boundaries and How to Do It

Parenting is hard, and fibro parenting is hard and tricky. As I continue to explore the topic of fibro parenting, here is an article from the October edition of The Fibromyalgia Magazine. This article is about why your kids’ friends need boundaries, and how to set those boundaries effectively.   Being The House for your kids’ friends Our house is the […]

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