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Kids doing chores is always a debate in the parenting world. And not just about if kids should do chores or not, but how often, which chores, and should kids be given an allowance to do chores. Here is my take on chores for kids complete with FREE printable chore chart for kids!

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In our home my husband and I think it is important for kids to do chores. We are a family unit and we live together, therefore, we should care for our home together.

We do not believe that kids should receive an allowance in the form of money for doing chores, but they should receive some type of reward. That is why we use our chore charts together with our stone jar reward system.

** My husband and I believe in allowance for kids in order to teach them how to handle finances, but that is a different post for a different day. **

The kids’ chore charts are posted on the fridge as a part of our command center so that my husband and I can have positive control over it and it is a constant visual reminder for chores to be completed (for them and us). The kids check off their completed chores in order to have a sense of accomplishment and contribution to the family as having done it.

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Chore chart for kids include (our preferences):

  • kid’s name
  • week
  • must do chores
  • bonus chores
  • day of the week

Our ‘must do’ chores are chores we feel each kid must do each day. This will instill the values stated in the graphic above. ‘Bonus’ chores are a way for the kids to earn stones for their jars. This helps to improve their behavior.

Everyone deserves a break on the weekend (except for mom – ahem), so each Saturday and Sunday are called ‘Freebie Weekend’. The kids earn two stones for each day and can still earn stones for each bonus chore.

Note: Stones can only be earned for bonus chores done that same day. 

Of course, chores will vary depending on age and parents’ preferences, but, fortunately for us, these are good for all four of our kids – for now. Once school starts and we establish a good routine, these chores will most likely change.

We also set a deadline of the day so that the kids do not wait until they are to go to bed before completing their chores. For us, during the summer all chores must be completed by 7:30 pm.


I will also be investing in a Scotch Laminator soon so the kids can reuse the charts with magnetic mini dry-erase markers.

Here are some various printables for you (blank and filled with our chores):

Please feel free to tell others about my printables, but I ask for you to please send them here to my page in order to obtain the printables so that I can receive the credit and can continue to offer free printables.

chore chart blank color PDF

chore chart blank color – Word document

chore chart blank black and white – PDF

chore chart blank black and white – Word document

chore chart with chores color – PDF

chore chart with chores color – Word document

chore chart with chores black and white – PDF

chore chart with chores black and white – Word document


What chores do your kids do? Do you give them an allowance or reward?


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