Fibro Fridays LIVE! with Brandi & Tim

Welcome to Fibro Fridays LIVE! with Brandi & Tim! Each Friday we will have a live video feed on our Facebook page (click here) to address questions, comments, concerns and suggestions that we receive each week. Topics include parenting, treatments, books, products, and more about fibromyalgia. Join us each Friday at noon EST on our Facebook page! Once a month we will be doing a live giveaway. For more information about the monthly giveaway, please visit our Facebook page. To submit a topic for discussion, click here.

Missed a Friday? Scroll down for the replay!

Fibro Fridays LIVE! with Brandi & Tim #FibroFridays #beingfibromom
stock image from Adobe Stock by © Pirotehnik and modified by Brandi, Being Fibro Mom


Fibro Fridays Replay

If you missed the latest Fibro Friday LIVE event, here is where you can watch the replay. PLUS!! Each post will include the video and links to expand on those topics discussed in the video. I also included links to where these products can be purchased, Facebook groups, Pinterest pages, and other website links.

Click here to see all the replays.

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