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You’ve read articles about fibromyalgia and/or you’ve heard others describe their fibromyalgia symptoms that are similar to the ones you’re experiencing. Now you have fibromyalgia – what should you do? Here are some articles to get you started on your path to healing.


Is Fibromyalgia Real?

Yes, it is real. And the symptoms you are experiencing are real. Some are skeptical of the illness, but they are not living the daily pain that you and I are living. Do not let someone tell you that your pain is not real or that it is in your head. Read more

Is Fibromyalgia Real? #Fibro #BeingFibroMom
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Is Fibromyalgia an Autoimmune Disease?

There is controversy stating fibromyalgia being an autoimmune disease. It carries a lot of the characteristics of being autoimmune, but is it really? Read more

Is Fibromyalgia an Autoimmune Disease? #Fibro #BeingFibromom


Fibromyalgia Diagnostic Criteria

Even though fibromyalgia is an invisible illness, there are ways to determine if you are living with it. Read more

Fibromyalgia Diagnostic Criteria #Fibromyalgia #BeingFibroMom
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You Have Fibromyalgia, Now What?

Now that you have fibromyalgia, now what should you do? What do you eat? Where do you go for support? There are many questions surrounding your journey to healing, and these are legitimate concerns. Read more

You have fibromyalgia Now what? #fibromyalgia #chronicillness #chronicpain
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