Swagbucks Rewards Store and Swagstakes

The Swabucks rewards program is an excellent way to earn extra cash and/or gift cards of your choice. Each week I write a segment about Swagbucks. This is where I show my readers a tip, promotion, tutorial video, or how to use a section of the website. This week’s Swagbucks’ tip is about the Swagbucks Reward Store and Swagstakes. This post will take you through the steps to redeeming your points called SB for gift cards, cash, or enter Swagstakes. 

What is Swagbucks and how does it work?

Swagbucks Reward Store and Swagstakes - How to redeem rewards and enter swagstakes #Swagbucks #rewards #swagstakes

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Swagbucks users can spend their points called SB on rewards or swagstakes.

  • Rewards can be gift cards or cash.
  • Swagstakes are sweepstakes Swagbucks style! Use your SB to enter chances to win cool prizes such as PayPal cash, gift cards, electronics, and more!

To get to the Swagbucks reward store and swagstakes:

The Reward Store and Swagstakes are located in the left sidebar on the Swagbucks’ home page

location on homepage


I will first show you how to redeem your points called SB for rewards.

After selecting ‘Rewards’, you will see the Rewards Store home page:

 reward store home page


Sections to notice on this page:

  1. Categories of rewards
  2. Search for specific reward
  3. Featured rewards or swagstakes
  4. Popular rewards

Below the popular rewards section, there is a place to be notified of Rewards Store sales and promotions:

sales and promotions on twitter



If you click ‘All Rewards’ you will go to the following page:

all rewards cards

Sections to notice on this page:

  1. Search for rewards by category
  2. Quick links to go back to the Rewards Store or Swagbucks home page
  3. Narrow down the SB by amount
  4. Sort rewards by A to Z, highest to lowest, lowest to highest, most popular, and recently added

Notice that each reward card lists the store, type of reward, the amount of the reward, and how many SB the reward costs.

**You are able to redeem 2,200 Swag Bucks for one $25 Gift Card OF YOUR CHOICE once a month. This gift card discount only excludes PayPal and Gas Cards.**

To redeem a reward, select a reward by clicking on the reward card of your choosing.

After selecting a reward, you will go to the redemption page:

reward redemption

Sections to notice on this page:

  1. Information about the reward: amount of the gift card (or cash), how many SB it costs to redeem the reward, option to add to wishlist
  2. Review and information about the store

Since this is my first time redeeming a gift card this month, I am able to get a $25 gift card for only 2,200 SB.

**You are able to redeem 2,200 Swag Bucks for one $25 Gift Card OF YOUR CHOICE once a month. This gift card discount only excludes PayPal and Gas Cards.**

If you choose to redeem this reward, click ‘Snag This’ and confirm on the following page:

confirm reward redemption

Once you submit your order, you have the choose to verify your identity by answering a question or confirmation email.

To access all the rewards redeemed, click ‘My Gift Cards’ from the drop down menu in the far right corner of the website:

my gift cards


My Gift Cards is the history of your rewards redemption (ones available and used). Once you have used a gift card, click ‘Mark as Used’:

gift card history


For more information about the rewards store, visit

Exciting News for the Rewards Store! Read more

rewards store


If you choose Swagstakes located in the left sidebar of the Swagbucks home page, you will go to the Swagstakes home page:

swagstakes home page

Sections to notice on this page:

  1. Quick links for Rewards Store home page, Swagbucks home page, and Swagstakes home page
  2. Swagstakes categories
  3. Search Swagstakes
  4. Featured Swagstake
  5. Swagstakes ending soon

Each Swagstake card lists the prize to be won, how many SB it costs for each entry, and time left on the swagstake.

Recent winners are listed at the bottom of the Swagstakes home page.

swagstakes recent winners


To enter a Swagstake, click ‘Snag Entry’ on the swagstake of your choosing:

how to enter swagstake



You will see the following page:

swagstakes entry page


Sections to notice on this page:

  1. Information about the swagstake you want to enter: the prize, time left to enter, number of entries
  2. Featured swagstake
  3. Entries available for that particular swagstake you want to enter
  4. Similar swagstakes

To enter the swagstake, select the number of entries you would like then click ‘Snag This’:

snag this



You must understand that you will not be able to get refunded on the SB spent for a Swagstake under any circumstance. Click confirm to enter the Swagstake or back out:

confirm swag entry


After you have entered, you will see a page that lists all the swagstakes you have entered and the winners for those swagstakes.

swagstakes entered and winners

Swagbucks offers so much and is an excellent rewards program! If you haven’t done so already, sign up for a FREE account!

For more information about Swagbucks and tutorial videos, visit the Swagbucks for Cash page.

swagbucks widget image

My favorite Swagbucks reward is PayPal cash. What is your favorite reward or swagstake? Share in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Swagbucks Rewards Store and Swagstakes

  • September 20, 2017 at 5:37 pm

    Hello! I was reading through the info provided regarding Swagstakes. It’s probably Fibro fog on my part…but I can’t figure out the point of winning Swag Stake entries when spinning the wheel on Spin & Win. What are these entries for? I thought perhaps they were to use toward entries to win gift cards. But when I entered to win a gift card, actual SBs were deducted.

    If you have time to reply that would be great! Hope you’re feeling alright.


    • September 23, 2017 at 11:35 am

      Hi, Julie! The swagstake entries are for entering to win the jackpot of XXX SB (whatever it may be at the time). Does that answer your question?


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