Swagbucks Tip of the Week + Giveaway!

It’s Thursday, which means another week of Swagbucks tips and promotions!!

BUT WAIT!! This week there’s also a Swagbucks Giveaway!!

Swagbucks Thursdays plus giveaway of 5000 swagbucks #swagbucks #giveaway

Starting today until February 19, every one of my referrals that earns 50 Swagbucks before 2/19 will be entered into a drawing for 5,000 Swagbucks! That equals to $50 cash or $50 gift card of your choice! Thank you, Swagbucks!

*This giveaway is open to all my new and existing referrals!

Have you signed up yet? If not, get your FREE account here!

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Please, please keep track of your Swagbucks during this time. Our friend at Swagbucks that gives my readers this opportunity says that many referrals missed the entry into the last giveaway by one or two Swagbucks. So, keep track and earn those 50 Swagbucks for a chance to win 5,000 Swagbucks!!

Need some help getting those Swagbucks? Check out my tutorial videos and you can get those Swagbucks in no time!

Here are some promotions from Swagbucks that are still open and will also help with getting you some Swagbucks (can also use the link to sign up for Swagbucks and get the promotional Swagbucks):

1,500 SB with a $20 purchase at Sephora [US only]


500 SB with a $1 purchase at Peets Coffee & Tea! [US only]

peets coffee

Make a $20 purchase at The Body Shop and earn 1,500 SB! [US only]

the body shop

Swagbucks Feed the Meter

Swagbucks feed the meter

What is Swagbucks and how does it work?

 I like to earn Swagbucks from playing games and shopping online! How do you like to earn your Swagbucks?

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