5 tips for being a more patient parent #beingfibromom #fibroparenting #parenting

5 Tips for Being a More Patient Parent

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Parenting while living with a chronic condition such as fibromyalgia can leave even the most patient person impatient. It’s normal to feel this way and you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it. However, here are some tips for being a more patient parent when those impatient moments arise.

5 tips for being a more patient parent #beingfibromom #fibroparenting #parenting
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#Parenting can mean some impatient moments, and that's okay. Here are some tips to being a more #patient #parent. #fibroparenting #beingfibromom Share on X

5 Tips for Being a More Patient Parent

Even the best parent feels frustrated every now and then. Sometimes it’s been a long day at work and you arrive home to find the house a mess and dinner unfinished. It may be tempting to lose your patience (because who hasn’t had a hangry meltdown) but there are far more effective ways to communicate with your family.

Instead of placing yourself in a time-out, here are a few easy strategies to increase your patience at home and to be a more patient parent.

#1 Set Boundaries

Sometimes the secret is saying “no” in a clear and kind manner. Create boundaries for your kiddos and ensure they’re adhered to. If you feel stretched thin, it’s okay to say “Mommy needs some quiet time now.”

If you try to set boundaries but still find yourself at the mercy of bored children and stressed-out spouses, try including designated “quiet time” in your routine. This way, everyone will know that it’s time to read a book, draw quietly, or take a nap.

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#2 Say What You Need

Without clear communication, you can’t effectively relay your needs to family members. Impatience often stems from feeling like others don’t understand your needs. Remember, they aren’t mind-readers!

Here are a few ways to communicate so others can hear you and practice being a more patient parent:

  • Frame statements in terms of your experience, e.g. “I’m feeling stressed,” instead of statements that place the blame on others, e.g. “you’re making me stressed.”
  • Wait until you’re calm to talk it out. Starting a conversation in the heat of the moment rarely leads to a satisfying solution.
  • Remember to listen! It’s important to understand each other’s perspectives.

#3 Take a Break

If you’re at the boiling point, it’s okay if you need to step outside for a minute. Sometimes you just need a break! Set up a playdate for the kids or ask your partner to watch them for a while. Time for yourself is a vital part of a balanced lifestyle.

Make your self-time rejuvenating. Try meditating with a comfortable pillow, or take a walk in the park. Activities like meditation relax your mind and increase self-awareness. If you feel calm and replenished, you’ll be able to deal with stress more effectively.

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#4 Seek Out Support

No one said you had to do it on your own. Parenting is a challenge. If you find your patience at the breaking point, look to those around you for support and guidance.

  • Talk to Other Parents – Don’t be afraid to express your challenges to other parents in your circle. Chances are, they’ve dealt with similar struggles and may be able to offer advice or perspective.
  • Consider Other Relaxation Methods – To help calm your mind and encourage healthy sleep habits, try using CBD oil at bedtime. CBDfx makes organic, vegan CBD oil, which reduces stress and will help you get an excellent night’s sleep.

#5 Avoid Blaming Yourself

Remember, every parent struggles with patience at one point or another. After all, the combination of energetic kids and a hectic workweek is a recipe for short tempers. It’s okay if you’re not perfect, you’re only human.

It might take time to work on your patience and communication. But don’t worry! Strengthening your parental habits doesn’t happen overnight. It takes patience with yourself to deal with everyday stressors.

Be gentle, and remember that it’s okay to devote time for self-care and rejuvenation in addition to spending time with your family! Cheers to being a more patient parent with these effective tips!

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