7 Essential Items to Have When a Migraine Strikes #migraine

7 Essential Items to Have When a Migraine Strikes

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7 Essential Items to Have When a Migraine Strikes #migraine
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Chronic illness is unpredictable no matter how organized and planned we are. Despite planning, something will happen, symptoms will flare, and we will wish we had that certain item to help us through it. There is a way to be better prepared for when those moments strike. Vicky, from Living the Diagnosis, is sharing seven essential items to have when a migraine strikes.

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7 Essential Items to Have When a Migraine Strikes 

I’ve always had rotten luck.  Never won the cupcake walk, never won the lottery (never played it, but still) and on and on. However, I am always lucky in one thing, having a migraine headache attack when I am out and about! Because of this, I have figured out the 7 most essential items I need to carry with me at all times!


Acetaminophen/Tylenol/Excedrin Migraine

My go to absolute favorite first defense is Excedrin Migraine. However, for the last 3 years I have either been pregnant or nursing, and since Aspirin is a big no no during those times, I have had to resort to using Tylenol/store brand Acetaminophen.



I should always carry water anyway, but, it is vital I have some at all times. I really like those little 8 oz water bottles as they are small enough to put in my purse or jacket. However, in recent years, with all the plastic bottle health issue scares, I found the emergency water pouches made with BPA free packaging to be a great alternative. 

Essential Oils

I have three absolute favorites for head tension relief, peppermint, lavender and eucalyptus. I used to carry a small bottle of each of these in my purse, but after a disaster that left my favorite bag smelling like a dinner mint, I had to figure something else out! I finally invested in those small amber roll on bottles.

I use the 5mL size, fill it up about ½ way with fractionated Coconut oil (my favorite carrier oil), add 2-3 drops peppermint, 1-2 drops lavender and 1 drop eucalyptus, then carefully put the ball on the bottle. I adore the combo for my head and love having it ready to go in a convenient little bottle!   


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Emesis (barf) Bag

I always get nauseas during migraine attacks. Sometimes I actually throw up, sometimes not. It only took one time not being prepared that I realized I had to add this to my little collection! 


Another of my symptoms is sensitivity to light, sunlight, fluorescent light, really anything that isn’t complete darkness. Once my attacks get to a certain point, I don’t drive, but, sometimes, I have to. I also have to go inside schools to get my kids. People tend to look at me funny when I’m inside with my sunglasses on, but, oh well, it is a must have for me!

Migraine Rescue Medication

Many of us migraineur’s have a “rescue” medication. Many of them are supposed to be taken “as soon as you feel symptoms coming on”. However, sometimes, it is hard to know if it will just be a headache or if it is going to turn into a full blown migraine attack. Because of this, sometimes I try many other things before taking the rescue med.   

$5 Dollar Bill

This is for a cup of coffee when I’m out to give the acetaminophen a boost! I can’t take the aspirin, but I can take the caffeine! If your like me and there is a McDonald’s on every corner, I suppose you really only need a $1 bill, but in my hometown where there was only one McDonald’s and a coffee at the drive through coffee houses cost $3.50… a $5 dollar bill is needed!


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Vicky Warren is the mother of four boys. Between swimming lessons and fake light saber fights, she is a writer/blogger for hire, specializing in parenting, lifestyle and medical writing with a nursing background. She is the author and curator of content at Living the Diagnosis.com. You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.


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7 Essential Items to Have When a Migraine Strikes #migraine
image created by Brandi, Being Fibro Mom, using the image from © Monkey Business


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  1. I love this article and the way its neatly packaged with simple tools to use for migraine attacks. As a holistic health junkie, I can really appreciate the use of essential oils. Very well-written!

    1. Yes, I agree! Vicky did a great job with this article and included useful tips on how to battle migraines. I don’t get migraines that often, but I can’t see how some people deal with them daily. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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