8 Unique Customizable Gifts Perfect for Any Occasion

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8 unique customizable gifts perfect for any occassion #uniquegifts #BeingFibroMom
created by Brandi Clevinger using the image from © Dmitry Lobanov at www.stock.adobe.com

Getting something personalized to make for a special gift is always a nice touch, but many of us are over the cliché, mass-produced items that you can get from many “all you can personalize” companies. Instead of grabbing the usual custom door mat or personalized stemware, consider these unique options that the recipient will never expect.

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8 Unique Customizable Gifts Perfect for Any Occasion

1. Shower Curtain

The shower is a place of many wonders: great for thinking, perfect for decompressing after a long day, and sure to make your singing vocals rival that of the late and great Whitney Houston (at least until you step out). Why not make your shower even more welcoming with a personalized shower curtain? Send in the image of your choice to Photoshowercurtain.com and the company will create a custom shower curtain that’s unique and one-of-a-kind. Their top quality fabric is what sets their company apart from other personalized shower curtain offerings, and the lifetime guarantee on their curtains ensures you’re getting a great deal.

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2. Rolling Pin

Do you know a baker extraordinaire? Make their culinary creations even more exciting to watch rise with a personalized rolling pin. Design a pattern that will leave its mark on every last cookie, bread loaf, and any other delicious concoction they create.

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Unique Customizable Gifts
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3. A Bobblehead

Looking for a prank gift that’s a bit out of the ordinary? Check out TheSmallMe.com, where you can have anyone made into a miniature version of themselves. Imagine handing your favorite supervisor a bobblehead version of them, decked out in their usual office suit. The laughs will abound, and your gift will definitely be a standout among the usual office gifts of wine and cheese baskets.

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Unique Customizable Gifts
image obtained from The Small Me website


4. A Customized Cut Out

PartyStandups.com will create a six foot tall custom standup, custom laser cut from the photo of your choice. Know a happy couple celebrating their 50th anniversary soon? Find a copy of their wedding photo and send it in for the perfect party decoration that will definitely bring tears to their eyes.

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5. Wallpaper

Sometimes paint just won’t cut it, and when you want your walls to have a little more pizazz, customized wallpaper will more than do the trick. MuralsYourWay.com is exactly what it sounds like—send in an image, at the size you want it, and the company will send you the perfect mural or wall paper to change the looks of your wall in one application.

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Who doesn’t love a pack of M&Ms? These classic candies are a crowd pleaser, but you can make these sweet treats even sweeter these days with some awesome personalization. Add the recipient’s initials, print your company logo on the candy shell, or send in an image to have emblazoned on the front and back of the candy for a fun surprise at any birthday shindig.

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Unique Customizable Gifts
image obtained from We Are Listening website


7. Clouds

That’s right, you didn’t read the header wrong—customizable clouds. Bet you never thought you could put your mark in the sky without hiring a plane. Now you can. Flogocloud is a company that produces “clouds” made of soap-based foam formulations and gases. These clouds are green and safe for the environment, and can last anywhere from minutes to hours depending on your specifications. A cloud in the shape of your logo is sure to impress at the next company event, and your little one is sure to adore a Superman cloud in the sky projected just for his birthday. The sky really is the limit with customization—personalized clouds prove it.

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8. Socks

If you’re looking to get customized from head to toe, start at the bottom with some personalized socks. Companies like Stance produce custom socks that will see the recipient wearing the image or message of your choice right on their feet. Choose the color and pattern yourself for a designer pair of socks they’ll want to rock every day (this will also force them to keep up with laundry).

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None of these custom items fit your fancy? Be sure to check out Etsy. You’ll find artisans that can customize almost everything you can think of—as long as you’re willing to pay big bucks for some of the more unique items. Find something as unique as they are with these fun, unique, and simply outlandish customizable gift options.


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8 unique customizable gifts perfect for any occassion #uniquegifts #BeingFibroMom
created by Brandi Clevinger using the image from © Dmitry Lobanov at www.stock.adobe.com


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