All in a Week: July 15-21, 2018

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Being a fibro mom is intriguing and interesting. With our large family of seven, we never know what’s going to happen day to day. I’ve decided to share our activities, meals, and books read in hopes of giving you ideas and inspiration. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately with our All in a Week update for July 15-21, 2018.

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All in a Week


After a long and exhausting week last week, Sunday was spent resting and catching up on some of my reading (check out what I’m reading towards the end of this post). There was an activity I found on Facebook about quiet, simple indoor activities to do with kids. I gave the contact paper activity a try with my youngest daughter, and she loved it! Simply tape some contact paper on the wall with painter’s tape, and give your kiddo a few lightweight objects to place on the paper to create a masterpiece.

I found miscellaneous items around the house to apply to the contact paper. Grabbing art supplies from the dollar store would be a great idea!


Tim took the boys for a Boys Day Out, and while they were at GameStop, Tim found me some awesome Super Mario Piranha Plant socks!

I love collecting socks! Check out my various socks on my Instagram feed at



I’ve been having a lousy time figuring out all these stomach issues I’ve had since March. I decided a new provider may be more helpful than the previous one. Turns out, she is! She’s not a functional doctor, but her outlook is a functional medicine outlook. We hit it off, and even my husband liked her enough to keep her as his provider (he prefers male physicians). She was thorough about what has been happening to me, and had a take charge energy to find out the root cause of it. Already this week I’ve made more progress with her than I did in an entire month with my previous provider.

After my new patient appointment with a new provider, I went across the street to an ENT doctor. While taking antibiotics (Zithromax) for pneumonia a few weeks ago, a pill became lodged in my throat and caused an ulcer. After three weeks and it not going away, my GI doc referred me to an ENT. Thankfully, the ulcer seems to be healing and no further action is necessary – as of right now. It was an interesting experience to have my nose hosed down with Afrin and lidocaine so I wouldn’t feel the camera going up my nose and into my throat. I asked my husband to snap a photo of the procedure, but it was too enthralled with the whole procedure to remember. He did, however, grab a photo of me before hand (I was numb in my nose, throat, and lips, and was super anxious about the whole thing).

If I would have known they would stick a camera up my nose, I wouldn’t have gone. Seriously, some things I just don’t need to know until they actually happen. This is why I have such a huge smile – to compensate for the nervousness.


The last few weeks have been filled with health issues for me, so I was unable to keep any chiropractor appointments. It’s been complete hell on my back, neck, and hips. This week I was able to return to adjustments, and it was great to be back although I am sore from the sessions.

An ultrasound was the first step my new provider took in figuring out the mysterious lump in my abdomen (which my husband and I refer to as “lumpy”). The technician doing the ultrasound couldn’t find anything, so I showed her the video of the lump on video. Even after seeing the video, she couldn’t see anything.


The pains in my stomach were severe Thursday and into the night. The only way I can sleep right now is in the sitting position. Lying down causes the pain to be worse. By Friday morning, the pains hadn’t eased, so I made an appointment to see my provider. The earliest time was 4:30 pm, but I wasn’t sure I could wait that long. The pain was intense and causing my chest to feel tightened, heart to race, and I felt lightheaded. I kept the appointment, and she deduces it’s my gallbladder causing the issues. I’m uncertain because the pain is also intense on my left side. Maybe it’s both the pancreas and gallbladder? I’m unsure.

My physician saw the video, and said it was a spastic colon. I just don’t understand how a spastic colon can make such a large lump in my abdomen and move around my entire abdomen, too. It causes severe pain in my belly, and feels like glass slicing through my stomach and up into my lungs. My ribs feel bruise from all the moving and pains. It’s horrible.



There was a small health fair taking place in downtown Charleston, so we headed there first thing Saturday morning. We were the first to arrive, so I was able to talk to all of the vendors, and made some great connections. I’m always on the lookout for resources for fibromyalgia thrivers, and it seemed like this was the place to do it. I gave my information to the woman in charge so that I could participate on behalf of Support Fibromyalgia in future health fairs.

The Spring event I attended in April.

When we got home from the health fair, it was nearly lunchtime, so we had brunch. I’ve been craving waffles for the last year or so, and I finally found a recipe for waffles I can eat! Woohoo! It’s the Tigernut Waffle recipe from the Autoimmune Solution Cookbook by Amy Myers.

Yummy tigernut waffles with pure maple syrup and organic turkey bacon for brunch!

After we ate brunch, Tim and I played a few rounds of UNO with the girls.

I took several photos of us playing cards for both our family photo album and a future post. This is my favorite photo of the ones I took!

Speaking of Amy Myers, she reposted my photo of making her recipe French Vanilla Coffee Creamer on Instagram. I was totally stoked about it!!

A screenshot of Amy Myers reposting my photo! I was totally geeking out about this!


I also found some great shirts while I was at Target picking out a waffle maker to make those delicious Tigernut Waffles.

The shirts I found at Target.


Books Read

Usually the books I get to read come from the local book sale (fill a bag for $5) or from our community’s Little Free Library. However, during one of my recent visits to the emergency room, the nurse and I struck up a conversation about reading. She told me all about Book of the Month, and how I can get a newly published hardcover book for $14.99 a month (that includes shipping). If I don’t see a book I like, I can skip it for the month. I’ll still get charged, but I will get a credit for the next month.

This week I read…

The Girl From Blind River by Gale Massey

This was a good read especially when paired with coconut milk cookies ‘n cream ice cream on a lazy Sunday afternoon.


Final Girls by Riley Sager

This is Riley Sager’s first novel published last July, and it was an intriguing read! This is one of those rare thrillers where I couldn’t guess the killer. I love it when that happens!



Here are the meals from this week. Whenever I use one of the Autoimmune Solution Cookbook recipes, I’ll annotate it with an asterisk (*).


  • Herb Roasted Chicken*
  • Salad
  • Steamed mixture of cauliflower, carrots, and broccoli


  • Frozen pizza
  • Oatmeal for me


  • Chocolate Chip pancakes
  • Turkey bacon
  • Toast
  • Scrambled eggs


  • Grilled cheese sandwiches (I’m unable to eat dairy or gluten, so I had leftover herb roasted chicken)
  • Potato wedges (I don’t eat potatoes.)
  • Steamed broccoli


  • Roasted Veggie Soup*
  • Sweet potato biscuits*


  • Rotisserie chicken (picked up from our local grocery store)
  • Steamed white rice
  • Sweet peas
  • Roasted seaweed (I buy bulk of seaweed from Boxed and it’s our favorite seaweed.)


  • Lemon baked chicken*
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Green beans

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