Be happy despite fibro #fibromyalgia #chronicpain

Be Happy Despite the Fibro!

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Despite the daily pains and struggles, many of us living with a chronic illness are very positive and look at a situation as a glass half full, not half empty. I wrote a post titled, How to Have a Positive Outlook With a Chronic Illnesslast year and it has gotten much attention. More than I ever expected. I wrote from the heart and what moved me at the time. So here are some more articles to be happy despite the fibro.

Be happy despite fibro #fibromyalgia #chronicpain

The response I received from the article was about half and half. Half of the comments and messages were similar to my current mindset – happy and optimistic.

The other half of the comments and messages were similar to my old mindset – not optimistic, burdened, and lost.

Since then, I have tried to make it a point to post regularly about being optimistic and having a positive outlook despite the daily struggles.

No, it has not always been all sunshine and rainbows either. There was a time that it was dark, and I didn’t see the light. I wrote about that time for a fellow blogger.

How to Overcome Depression Associated With Chronic Pain

Seeking light in the dark: How to overcome depression associated with chronic pain #chronicpain #chronicillness #depression #fibromyalgia


I always try to share other positive posts about chronic illness because I strongly believe it is important to stay as stress-free and happy as possible!

Angela from wrote an article about staying positive and how to do it:

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue CFS/ME – Staying Positive in Difficult Times


Staying positive with fibromyalgia #fibromyalgia #chronicpain

Another great article –

How to Worry Less 


How to worry less and live more with FREE inspirational printables #prayer #inspirational #fibromyalgia #chronicpain

Do you know of a post about staying positive? Share it in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Be Happy Despite the Fibro!”

  1. I think having a positive mind frame is one of the best coping tools I have. I don’t have a choice about having fibro but I very much have a choice in how I react to it. I am only human and of course I still have times where I get down or feel overwhelmed by it all. However, I have moved away from a dark place and I am lucky in that I have been able to change my whole mindset. I know there is a lot of negativity and cynicism but I don’t want to live my life like that. I don’t want to be miserable and I have learned

    1. I agree with you. My aunt told me a few years ago that there are some things we can’t control, but we can control how we react to them. That is my mindset now, too. Tahnks for reading and commenting!

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