My big birthday surprise! The gift that keeps on giving…

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Yep, I turned another year older this year, and yet I don’t feel any older. I really can’t believe that I’m already 33!! It seems like just yesterday I was 23. And I don’t feel any wiser either. Maybe because I still have a lot to learn especially with four little ones running around.

I usually do not have any special celebrations for my birthday. I’d like to have an exclusive dinner date with my amazing husband, but that just cannot happen for another few years. I do, however, still look forward to my birthday each year because of the gifts I annually get (and look forward to)!

I'm celebrating my birthday with one appliance you must have!

These are the gifts I like to receive on any occasion:

  • Gift cards, gift cards, gift cards!! – I get to use them when I want, where I want, and on whatever I want. What could be more perfect?
  • Anything for the house, i.e. vacuum, small appliance – My husband has bought me these type of gifts since our first holiday together, and he never disappoints me!
  • Books – I love buying books, and I love reading books! My mom and my husband are usually the only ones that buy me gifts in this category, and it’s because I’ve told them about a specific book that I really, really want at the time. This year, my mom got me a great book for my birthday, but it’s yet to be release so that will be in a future post!

And, without fail, each birthday always, always brings me a birthday song from my mom and grandmother as well as a birthday card I treasure dearly from my mom and husband.

This year’s birthday gift from my husband was what I’ve been wanting for the last year (since becoming a coffee drinker). Here it is:

my Keurig

Yep! I’m the official owner of a Keurig! It’s so exciting for me! And I don’t know why, but I love red appliances, though I’m not fond of the color red.

There are many reasons to love the Keurig brewing system, but here are mine:

  1. I’m the only coffee drinker, so I can have a single cup of coffee without brewing a big pot.
  2. Cleanup is so much easier than the traditional coffee brewer!
  3. There are a variety of flavors and can easily change between flavors for guests.
  4. Making my kids’ hot chocolate or my evening tea takes a fraction of the time.
  5. Did I mention how easy the cleanup is?!

Here are some of the flavors I have right now –

 variety of Keurig flavors

There are flavors for my husband, kids, my mom when she visits, me, and other flavors that guests may enjoy!

This little beauty is even dearer to me because of the great deal he got on it! He knows how much I love saving, so the only reason he told me about this deal was because he knew it would not cheapen his gift, but rather reaffirm his commitment to my belief in frugality!

Here’s the deal:

  • Target had this Keurig on sale for $99.99, and received a $20 Target gift card with purchase.
  • When checking out, he used a $50 Target gift card we got from a previous purchase making the total $49.99. After our 5% debit red card and taxes, he paid about half the cost of the Keurig.
  • You know a woman has to accessorize everything in their life, so this included my new Keurig. He used the $20 Target gift card to get the K-cup tower holder for $19.99 (he only paid the taxes on it).

So this amazing birthday present cost only $50, and will be used many, many times!

He’s pretty awesome, huh? Let’s look at my new Keurig again, but with the cup tower this time!

reasons I love the Keurig brewing system

Now just the tower with a side view!

K-cup tower holder

There are always coupons for K-cups in the paper and online, so I pair them up with sales bringing the cost of the packs more affordable for my budget. I also got the reusable K-cup filter basket, so I can still use the bags of Starbucks ground coffee that I love so much as well still get those bonus star codes!

reusable filter basket

My neighbor also has a Keurig, so when I get flavors that I don’t particularly like, or she hasn’t tried, we will swap flavors. For instance, I bought a box of pumpkin spice, and didn’t like it. She loves it, so I gave her the box and in return, she gave me a large bag of a variety of flavors. Perfect!!

I love this brewing system so much, and it’s so convenient, that I’m going to get one for my mom as soon as Target has another deal like this one! Of course, I’ll get the larger one because there are multiple coffee drinkers in her home.

Here’s the one I have:

Keurig K10/B31 MINI Plus Brewing System, Red

Here’s the one I’d like to get my mom:

My husband got me the perfect gift this year! Thank you so much, honey, for my Keurig!!

What do you like about your Keurig?

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8 thoughts on “My big birthday surprise! The gift that keeps on giving…”

  1. I LOVE MY KEURIG! I’m not even a big time coffee drinker (my husband is), but it’s so nice for when I want to drink my tea!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    Thanks for linking up to #SmallVictoriessunday

    PS I’m also a spoonie! I have lupus and it’s a rough go! I’m so glad I found another spoonie blogger! <3

    1. Yes, being able to switch from coffee to tea to hot chocolate so quick is a big bonus for me!

      Thanks for reading! I saw your link, too, on Small Victories Sunday.The name of your site caught my attention. It’s cute!

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