Coping with the Anxiety of Doctor Appointments

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I have avoided attending a doctor appointment for nearly two years because of anxiety. These feelings of being anxious are normal for many of us living with chronic illness. But how do we cope with this anxiety and seek the help we need? In this week’s show, Donna and I are discussing our personal experiences with our anxiety of doctor appointments and share our personal tips to cope with that anxiety.

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Donna Burch is the co-host for Fibro Live!

Donna is the writer and creator of Fed Up with Fatigue. As a former journalist, her website contains informative articles regarding news, research, treatments and more regarding fibromyalgia and chronic Lyme. She hosts an engaging group on Facebook called What Works for Fibromyalgia. Click here to join the group.

Anxiety of Doctor Appointments

Medical professionals told me multiple times over a six year span that the pain I was feeling was all in my head. I suffered in silence at every doctor appointment and the suffering spilled over into my daily living with my family. To this day I have anxiety with each and every doctor appointment I schedule because of doctors telling me nothing was wrong in those earlier years. Read more about my story here.

Finally, after nearly two years, I went to my doctor appointment! It was a victory for me, and has since lessened the anxiety of doctor appointments. Watch the video of how I did this as well as listen to Donna’s experience with doctor appointments. We also share our tips on how we cope with the anxiety.


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