After I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I looked for ways to cope with fibromyalgia and manage its symptoms. At the time, I was a mom struggling to find ways to better manage my symptoms while raising a family. I constantly felt as though I was failing and I needed help.

Online resources for a mom in my situation proved to be nonexistent. I found a lot of misleading and confusing information and there were virtually no resources about raising a family while living with fibromyalgia. It was discouraging, to say the least. I had no clue how I could manage fibro symptoms while being a full-time parent. I felt powerless, confused, overwhelmed, and burnt out within minutes of being awake each morning. Not to mention the guilt of not being able to give my kids what they needed and wanted in all the ways a mom *should* for her kids. I had nowhere to turn and no one to turn to.

That’s when I decided to start sharing my experiences which led me to the creation of this blog.

In the years following the creation of my blog, Being Fibro Mom, I’ve learned that it IS possible to raise a family while living with fibromyalgia – without the constant struggle. It’s not always sunshine and rainbows, by any means, but it’s a lot easier now than it was all those years ago. Now I have developed resources for other parents living with fibromyalgia starting with this blog and including my online group, Fibro Parenting, as well as the Family & Fibromyalgia program over at Support Fibromyalgia Network.

Are you a parent or guardian living with fibromyalgia?

Yes? Then check out this simple digital guide Simple Tips to Being a Rockstar Fibro Parent! These tips include how your kids can help, creating a flare day kit, how to manage fibromyalgia flares, encouragment, and more.

Resources for Fibro Parenting

Family & Fibromyalgia

In addition to blogging, I help over at the nonprofit organization, Support Fibromyalgia Network. As the Family & Fibromyalgia program director, I’m constantly thinking of ways to better help fibro parents and their families.

Currently, we are hosting monthly workshops, providing families with resources, and empowering the entire family to be involved with advocacy.

Ravyn’s Doll

Through the use of vibrant colors, children’s language, and lovable characters, Melissa creates a reliable resource for fibro parents to explain fibromyalgia to their children.

The story opens the door to a conversation about the illness and how it affects the entire family in terms of symptoms and help. It goes a step further to show children that illness can’t always be seen, and there are various ways for a person to be sick.

This is a must-read for any fibro parent! It leads to the ongoing discussion of fibromyalgia and allows children to grasp the concept of an invisible illness.

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Fibro Parenting Articles

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