The following list of resources has been specially handpicked by me. I look for resources that are legit, relevant, and useful. Not any of that fluff with no real answers. I need reliable information that I can apply in a daily, practical way. There isn’t much that falls into this category; however, it’s all about quality and not quantity. In a way, it’s kinda like sleep, huh?

So while my list may be small, know that it’s reliable. And if you have any resources you would like to add, send them over to me. My social media platforms are listed at the top and bottom of the website. I’d love to hear from you!

Support Fibromyalgia Network

I am part of the amazing team at Support Fibromyalgia Network. Our backstories are different but each has the underlying struggle: learning how to successfully manage fibromyalgia symptoms. This led us to form a nonprofit organization that is led by fibromyalgia patients, for fibromyalgia patients. We each have what drives us to do what we do for the fibromyalgia community, but we all want Support Fibro to be an accurate and reliable resource for others.

Our mission statement:

We are a patient centered national nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and inspiring the fibromyalgia community. Our organization fosters a greater connection with the entire community, building collaborative relationships with patients, providers, and researchers. With strengths in science, technology, and Functional Medicine, we have accelerated patient and medical education, empowered advocacy efforts, expanded research for translational treatments, and improved health equity and access for all individuals living with fibromyalgia.

– Support Fibromyalgia Network

The Fibromyalgia Magazine

I was a regular contributor to the international magazine The Fibromyalgia Magazine for several years. My articles cover various fibromyalgia aspects with a focus on fibro parenting (parenting with fibromyalgia).

The Fibromyalgia Magazine is a monthly magazine created by the creators of UK Fibromyalgia and has been going strong for over twenty years. It’s composed of various writers within the fibromyalgia field and features research news, lobbying, awareness, education, pain management, news, and more.

Fibromyalgia Books

There are numerous books about fibromyalgia but how do you know which are the reliable ones? It’s a carefully curated list of books I’ve read about fibromyalgia and recommend. Each one is packed with resources, relatable experiences, and easy-to-understand information.

Chronic Illness Parent Bloggers

Living with a chronic illness has challenges. Being a parent has its own set of challenges. Being a chronic illness parent combines the two sets of challenges to give you an entirely new parenting style.

Each blogger gives insight about parenting with their specific type of chronic illness and its unique set of challenges. Some are advocates, others are food bloggers, but all are inspiring.

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