find the fact in fibromyalgia myths #beingfibromom #fibromyalgia

Find The Fact In Fibromyalgia Myths

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If you have recently received a diagnosis of fibromyalgia or you just think that you suffer from the condition, you will likely have completed a lot of research. There are plenty of useful websites online that can provide valuable information. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of myths floating around the web. While these myths are not completely false they are often quite misleading. Let’s look at a few of these and find the fact in fibromyalgia myths.

find the fact in fibromyalgia myths #beingfibromom #fibromyalgia
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Find the Fact in Fibromyalgia Myths

Fibromyalgia Is Uncommon

It might seem like fibromyalgia is rare as only five million people in America suffer from the condition. However, it is actually the most common chronic pain disorder that you can suffer from. As well as this, it’s important to understand that this statistic is based on those people who have a diagnosis. It’s believed that many more people probably do have the disorder and have simply not received a diagnosis.


Fibromyalgia Impacts Fertility

There isn’t a lot of scientific evidence to suggest that having fibromyalgia could impact fertility in men or women. No studies have conclusively suggested a correlation here however, fibromyalgia could still impact your chances of getting pregnant in another way. Women who suffer from the disorder can often experience pain during sexual intercourse. This can impact the chances of them getting pregnant. If you are trying and struggling to get pregnant sites like can provide information on treatment options that may be useful to you.

Is Fibromyalgia Real? #Fibro #BeingFibroMom
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Fibromyalgia Isn’t A Real Condition

There is a particularly damaging misconception that you can find floating around online. The idea is based on the concept that when doctors don’t know what’s causing your chronic pain, they give you this diagnosis. However, this isn’t true and since 1990 there has been guidelines that are used for diagnosing people with fibromyalgia. You can read them on

People think that it isn’t a real condition because it takes a while to diagnose. This is due to the fact that is shares a number of symptoms with other conditions that doctors also need to test for before finally settling on a diagnosis.


It Only Affects Middle Aged Women

There is some degree of truth here. The disorder does mainly affect women with around eighty percent of people with a diagnosis being female. However, men are also diagnosed with the condition and can be affected too. Also, while the disorder does typically develop in women over the age of thirty anyone can be diagnosed. This includes children and the elderly.

It’s All In Your Head

It’s not, if you suffer from fibromyalgia, take relief in knowing that multiple studies have shown there is a physical cause. Experts are still working to narrow down the main cause of the condition but people with the disorder have been shown to have more activity in the pain sensory areas of the brain. As well as this tender points of the body have been shown to be the main sources of pain. As such, there is clear evidence that it is not a purely psychological condition.

We hope this helps address some of the main myths about the disorder that you may have come across. This site has more information about the condition that could be useful.


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find the fact in fibromyalgia myths #beingfibromom #fibromyalgia
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