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Swagbucks has done it again! They have found another way to earn BIG cash back on your favorite gift cards! Their new site,, is a rewards site that lets you earn free gift cards. Scroll down for more information.

What is Swagbucks and how does it work?

Swagbucks' new site exclusively for gift cards - MyGiftCardsPlus! #Swagbucks #MyGiftCardsPlus
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Get ready Swagbucks fans – our favorite rewards site has just announced a whole new way to earn free gift cards! They have launched a new site – where you can buy digital gift cards for all your favorite people and get huge cash back percentages for your troubles.  

As a special promotion for the holidays, is giving you an EXTRA 33% cash back on every gift card purchase through December 15th! And now, if you purchase any gift card on the site, they will give you a 100 SB bonus just for trying it out.  

That’s a lot of bonuses! Let’s do the math just so we are clear on what kind of deals we’re getting here.

For example, say I want to buy my friend a gift from Land’s End. Right now they are offering 30-50% basically everything in store. But that’s not good enough! If I head to MyGiftCardsPlus, they will give me Land’s End gift cards with 9% cash back! I can use that gift card to take advantage of all Land’s End sales and pocket the savings. With MyGiftCardsPlus Holiday Promotions, a $50 Lands End Gift Card earns me 450 SB back, plus 150 SB as extra cash back, PLUS 100 SB for buying my first gift card from them! All totaled, I get 700 SB from buying a $50 gift card to use on whatever crazy Land’s End sales I can find.  

Savvy savers will see this as a no-brainer saving strategy, not just for gifts, but even your everyday purchases. Next time you buy clothes, hardware, airline tickets, etc., check out MyGiftCardPlus first to see how much cash back you could be getting without changing your shopping habits one bit!  

If you’re not already familiar with the Swagbucks universe, sign up here for your free account today! MyGiftCardPlus gives you your cash back in the form of SB so you need a Swagbucks account to make these savings real. 

How Our Family Paid for Christmas using Swagbucks

how our family paid for Christmas using Swagbucks #Christmas #Swagbucks #holidays #frugal
Photo credit: Being Fibro Mom

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