Getting the Sleep You Need with Fibromyalgia

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One of the most frustrating parts about managing symptoms is sleep. Getting the sleep you need with fibromyalgia isn’t just about the quantity of sleep, but more importantly the quality of sleep.

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Getting the Sleep You Need with Fibromyalgia

One of the most important parts of taming your body pains with fibromyalgia is getting the sleep you need. Not just more sleep, but more quality sleep.

Quality of sleep is a type of sleep. For example, restful or restless.

The quantity of sleep is the amount of sleep. Both work together for restorative sleep leaving you to feel well-rested the next day.

Tips for Sleep

Here are some tips for getting the sleep you need from various articles around the web.

13 Tips for Quality Sleep

Often times someone with fibromyalgia will not get the restorative sleep needed to face a day with chronic pain. Poor sleep causes an increase in body pains and symptoms. The increase of pain and symptoms results in poor sleep resulting in the sleep-pain cycle.

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Natural Sleep Remedies for Fibro

“Treating sleep problems is an important part of easing fibromyalgia symptoms. Left untreated, sleep disorders can significantly affect your health. Here are some medicinal herbs and natural supplements that may help improve sleep for people with fibromyalgia.”

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200+ Sleep Tips from 67 Health Professionals

“The contributors to this roundup approached the problem from many different perspectives: nutrition, sleeping environment (the mattress, the pillow, the room temperature), sleep schedule, use of technology and others.”

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Fibromyalgia Sleep-Wake Cycle

Often times fibromyalgia sufferers get into an endless cycle of no sleep, more pain, more pain, no sleep. It’s an ugly cycle that you do not want. There are ways to break that cycle and start getting the sleep you need to better manage your pain.

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Routines Affect Sleep

Keeping a routine also helps with transitioning from wake to sleep. Routines are more beneficial when living with a chronic illness. It’s like having a schedule, but without the time constraints. Routines have the same benefits, but with the added freedom of when you do those tasks. Having a routine will also help you get more quality sleep which is essential in living with a chronic illness. It will also help you remember to take supplements or medication as well as a stretch or to go to bed around the same time each night.

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A Natural Remedy Plan for Chronic Pain

Certain foods will help you better sleep. Finding an effective treatment regiment and natural sleep remedies will help you get the sleep you need as well.

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