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Through the years of dealing with fibromyalgia symptoms and various digestive issues, I’ve learned a great deal about my body and the importance of living healthy (ish). I respond negatively to medications, so I had to turn to natural treatment options as a way to manage my symptoms. The results were astounding and I quickly learned how positively my body reacted to nourishing foods and a positive environment.

This has pushed me to help others see that wellness is possible no matter your station in life. Rather you are able to regularly exercise or struggling to get out of bed, I am confident that you can get to where you want to be with your health. And it doesn’t have to empty your wallet, drain your energy, or overwhelm you. It all starts with where you are and working – together – to where you want to be.

Why Health Coaching?

I became bed-bound in March 2018 due to a string of mystery stomach issues which included hypochlorhydria and parasitic infections (read about them here), and doctors could not figure out what was happening. I was forced to figure out what was happening to my body and fix it. And I did. I became so fascinated by the body’s abilities, I became a certified Family Health Coach with the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute.

My Hope For You

Yes, I have a specific hope for you even though we have not met yet. My hope is that through our coaching sessions together you will discover the love you have for your body and self. Through my hardships of living with fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and constant stomach struggles I have hated my body. However, once I learned to give my body what it needs through my love of food, I experienced how wonderfully my body can be; the key was giving it what it needed to function properly.

And through that transformation of improving my health, I started to love me. I stopped raging against all my limitations and started embracing all my astonishing capabilities. The body is truly a miraculous work of being. This is where I started cultivating self-love and discovered a love of wellness.

What It Is NOT

Health coaching is not me telling you what to do or giving you all the answers. It’s not about writing out all the foods you should eat and slapping your hand when you eat the foods you shouldn’t. It’s not me judging you for your choices or lecturing you about all the wrong choices you made that week. It’s not making you feel bad about not meeting your goals.

What It IS

Health coaching is asking you the questions you need to be asked to find the answers you are seeking. It’s discovering which foods you love and sharing the occasional slice of chocolate cake with you. It’s starting conversations about where you want to be in your wellness journey one month or one year from now. It’s about cheering you on and being the friend you need as you walk through this transition.

Health Coaching Services

There are various options for health coaching. Whether you want one-on-one health coaching sessions for yourself and/or family, I have several options available in person and online. I also offer sessions for groups such as teachers, sports coaching, and medical professionals. However, if you don’t see something that fits what you’re looking for, that doesn’t mean the option isn’t available. Simply contact me with what you have in mind, and we’ll see what I have for you.

Group or Individual Sessions

Health coaching can come in all shapes and sizes, so whether you’re looking for one-on-one coaching or for a group, there is something for you! Group and individual options are available in person and online.

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L.E.A.N. Essentials

L.E.A.N. Essentials is a one-time session and is designed to take no more than 2 hours to cover 8 sections. (Each section should take approximately 15 minutes to complete.) During the session, a short clip from the L.E.A.N. Start Video will be shown and a snack will be served.

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LEAN Start Program

The L.E.A.N. Start Program is a comprehensive 6-hour prevention plan delivered in either 3 or 6 weeks to help families with children reach their optimal level in the four pillars of health:

  • Lifestyle: how you live
  • Exercise: how you move
  • Attitude: how you think
  • Nutrition: how you eat

This program is based on scientific research and designed by Dr. William Sears, “America’s pediatrician”, and best-selling author as well as other experts in the field of children’s nutrition, health, and fitness.

Click here for more information about the three weekly sessions.

Click here for more information about the six weekly sessions.

Pantry Makeover

The pantry makeover is all about figuring out which foods in your pantry fall into the green, yellow, and red light areas of eating. This concept is based on Dr. Sears’ Traffic Light Eating and is an easy to follow the way to eating more nutritious foods. Once the red light foods have been identified, we can discuss how we can improve those foods to replace them with green and yellow foods. The total time for the pantry makeover is one hour.

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