six perfect housewarming gifts for your loved ones #housewarminggifts

Six Perfect Housewarming Gifts for Your Loved Ones

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Moving. Hrmph. Is there anything worse? Between the mountain of cardboard boxes, the inevitable heap of broken goods, and the endless unpacking, moving has to be one of the worst things many of us have to do in our lives. That level of disorganization isn’t just inconvenient—it’s actually bad for your health. That being said, once that last box is unpacked and the dust begins to settle, it’s time to par-tay! If you’re heading to a friend’s new home and don’t know what to get them, read this. We’ll help you find the perfect housewarming gifts for your loved ones.

six perfect housewarming gifts for your loved ones #housewarminggifts
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Six Perfect Housewarming Gifts for Your Loved Ones


Candles are one of the most inexpensive ways to add ambience to your home. Chances are, your friends who just moved haven’t had a chance to even shower in days, let alone buy new candles for their home. This makes it one of the ideal housewarming gifts. From the heavenly scented kind to the stylish pillar candle, this gift is universally loved. You can go full Kate Middleton with a Jo Malone candle (comes with a hefty $65 price tag) or go with a slightly less expensive but also lovely Voluspa candle. Want something truly unique when it comes to scents? Try this Malin+Goetz Dark Rum candle. As Pop Sugar notes of this gem, “With its notes of plum and leather (and, of course, rum), [Dark Rum] is a scent on which both sexes can easily agree.”

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A tried and true option for just about any occasion, booze/wine/champagne is always a good option when bringing a gift to someone’s house. But, if you want your wine to scream “special occasion,” you should buy personalized wine bottles here. Imagine your host or hostess opening up a wine bottle that says “Hamilton Housewarming 2016”. It takes a housewarming gift from mundane to memorable. Your friends can uncork it right then and there or hold onto it for their one-year anniversary of living in their new home.

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3.Personalized Gifts

When hikers get to the summit, they stake their claim with a flag. That’s kind of what it feels like when you’re in your new home. You have a strong desire to make your mark on it, and what better way to do that than with a personalized doormat, towels with the first letter of your surname, or even something creative like this personalized cutting board. Help your friends turn their house into their home with customized touches.

4. A Tree!

That’s right—we said it: a tree. Your friends have put down roots and are ready to watch them grow. Help them to do it literally and figuratively with this ultra-creative Tree to Be Kit from Uncommon Goods. You’ll see progress within the first few months as it grows in its pot. In just over a year, the tulip tree can begin to grow in your yard. You’ll yield blooms within 10-15 years. If this is your forever home, it’ll make this gift all the more special. It’d be impossible not to wake up happy every day with a touching memento like this. *The tree is no longer available, but these crafting classes may be just your thing!

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5.House Accessories/Decorations

Buying something for someone’s home can be challenging, as decorating taste is a very subjective thing. There are some items, however, that everyone would surely love, and many of them are on this list from Houzz. Our favorites have to be the Succulent Monogrammed Planter Box, the Saturday morning mugs, the Gem Stone Magnets, and the Helping Hands Catchall Dish. Of course, statement pillows these days are as cheeky as your most sarcastic friend. Whether you buy one that reads “Face Plant Here,” “Monday Hates You Too,” or “This is MY Pillow,” your friends will surely think of you and laugh every time they hit the sack.

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6.Something Practical

Picture what it’s like to move into a house and how overwhelming that can be. What might you need? Think outside the box. How about a cute key decoration that holds all your keys when you walk in the front door? A sleek wine opener is another great idea. Or you could even buy them a gift card to their new, local pizzeria so they get a break from cooking as they get organized.

Need the perfect housewarming gift for a loved one? Get something off this list and you’ll surely please the pickiest of friends.

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