Into the Water by Paula Hawkins #bookreviews #brandisbookcorner #beingfibromom

Into the Water by Paula Hawkins

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This week’s review is Into the Water by Paula Hawkins. One of my favorite ways to rest is by curling up with a good book. Like movies and music, all genres appeal to me, and I give all books a chance to be ‘heard’!

Into the Water by Paula Hawkins #bookreviews #brandisbookcorner #beingfibromom

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Into the Water by Paula Hawkins

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Like all good psychological thrillers, Into the Water kept me engaged and hanging in suspense. Having read a prior novel by Paula Hawkins, I was eager to dive into this mystery and watch the story unfold chapter by chapter.

The setting takes place present day in a small town where everyone knows everyone and nothing is a secret – so it seems. But when a single mom is found dead in the local river known as ‘The Drowning Pool’, dark secrets are slowly revealed.

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Lena believes her mom’s death was deliberate, but her mom’s sister, Julia, disagrees. Nel and Julia hadn’t been on speaking terms for years, but Julia has a gut feeling that she didn’t take her own life. Now they are both fighting to seek the answers they need to move forward. And what they find threatens to ruin them both.

There are other characters involved in the mystery of this ‘Drowning Pool’ that has been known to take multiple women’s lives. Before her unexpected death, Nel was investigating these deaths after a local high school girl – her daughter, Lena’s, best friend, Katie – was found dead in it. She didn’t believe Katie killed herself, but if she did – why? Why were so many women drowning themselves in this part of the river? Nel was determined to find out.

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Adam's Breed by Radclyffe Hall #brandisbookcorner #beingfibromom #bookreviews
Finally! After years of wanting this book, “Adams Breed”, I have it! It’s about a waiter that goes to live in the forest away from society. It was published in 1926 and has received two literary awards. “The Well of Loneliness” is my favorite book of all time, so I’ve been wanting to read more of Hall’s works. It’s a slow collection, but one that is worth it.

There wasn’t a straightforward cause and effect in this story. There are many layers and each layer is its own story with its own heroes and villains. Everyone in this town is connected in some way or other going back decades and each story is connected along with it.

As with The Girl on the Train (which I LOVED), Ms. Hawkins delivers another compelling novel full of secrets and reveals. Told through multiple narrators over a span of time, the story will have you hooked and guessing as to who did what and when. I was trying to figure out the mysteries of it all as I read along, but even at the very last sentence, I was wrong. I love these types of novels!

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Paula Hawkins, Into the Water

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  1. Michaela Donoghue

    Finoshed that book just the other day…what a great story and gripping right to the last line.

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