Liver Toxicity and Fibromyalgia #liver #livertoxicity #fibromyalgia

Liver Toxicity and Fibromyalgia by FibroDaze

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There are many Fibromyalgia treatment options. As with any choice, there are ups and downs to each. When selecting a treatment option for fibromyalgia, the pros and cons of each should be considered. This is especially true with choosing medicine to treat fibromyalgia because of liver toxicity and fibromyalgia.

This article was originally posted by Sue on her blog, FibroDaze. Please visit her site to read the full article.

Liver Toxicity and Fibromyalgia #liver #livertoxicity #fibromyalgia

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What treatment do you take for your fibromyalgia (or other illness)? Did you consider the pros and cons before deciding on one? Share with me in the comments.

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