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Amidst a sea of headlines about the growing of America’s uninsured population, one company aims to help make prescriptions more affordable for everyone.

With 28 million of the identified 41 million food-insecure Americans unable to afford their prescription medication, our country sits on a growing and far too quiet epidemic of people having to choose between paying for food or medicine.

That is why we founded Good Neighbor Rx as a mission-driven prescription discount company with the mission to help make prescriptions more affordable to everyone through using our free mobile app and/or discount cards. We partner with Feeding America Food Banks across the nation, to bring attention to this growing crisis. With users saving an average of 62%, or about $90, per prescription, we are excited to see the impact that our mobile app is having in the lives of everyday Americans.

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By working with Food Banks and Nonprofits across the nation, we are able to reach those with the fewest options and the most critical needs. Individuals and families experiencing food insecurity not only struggle to pay for groceries, but also face multiple other barriers to health and livelihood. To many of the food-insecure, a prescription discount is not a bonus but a necessity. It means receiving much-needed medication and money that can now be used to buy groceries or pay the light bill–and sometimes much more. One uninsured customer wrote in to say he saved $250 on his prescription.

But it isn’t just the uninsured and underinsured who benefit. The app shows which nearby pharmacies carry your prescription and the price at each, so not only are consumers saving money but they also have a say in how much. A prescription discount doesn’t seem like much, but with consumers having so little say in their healthcare options, getting to choose your pharmacy based on savings is empowering!

In the face of such great injustice, these choices are tiny, maybe to some, even inconsequential. But in a skewed system like ours, they matter. You can’t control the cost of your medication and you can’t control the availability of good food. But hopefully, through the partnerships of food banks across the country, our communities can choose to have both.

Good Neighbor Rx is working hard to reach its goal of helping 100,000 people this year. You can help by downloading the free app on the App Store or Google Play.


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Bio: Danny Corprew is the founder of Good Neighbor Rx out of Houston, Tx. He works with Food Banks across the US to help our nation’s food insecure have increased access to affordable prescriptions. His goal is to help 100,000 people by 2018.


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