An Effective Natural Remedy Plan for Chronic Pain #beingfibromom #ChronicPain #naturalremedy

An Effective Natural Remedy Plan for Chronic Pain

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When I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic pain, there were many options for healing. Often times a single option is not enough, and using a combination of options is best. My personal choice for easing fibromyalgia symptoms are natural remedies which include a variety of options. Here is my natural remedy plan for chronic pain.

An Effective Natural Remedy Plan for Chronic Pain #beingfibromom #ChronicPain #naturalremedy

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My Natural Remedy Plan for Chronic Pain

**This post was updated on March 3, 2020

Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream

Cool Azul is a cooling cream that provides relief from tensed and achy muscles and joints. It has Cool Azul essential blend and Wintergreen essential oil to help with deep muscle pain while giving it a cooling effect. This is a great natural way to relieve targeted painful areas.

cool azul #youngliving #beingfibrom #topicalcream
Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream is great for topical relief!

Essential Oils

There are various natural ways to relieve fibromyalgia symptoms, and one of the ways I prefer to do that is with essential oils. But the subject of essential oils is large and overwhelming. Where does one begin to learn about essential oils? And how do you use essential oils for fibromyalgia symptoms? Here is my guide to using essential oils and how they are used specifically for those everlasting discomfort brought on by fibromyalgia.

Best Topical Creams for Fibromyalgia 2020 #topicalcreams #fibromyalgia #beingfibromom
image created by Brandi Clevinger using the stock photo from Unsplash

Sticking to a Fibro Diet

The reason I avoid sweets, high starches, tomatoes, and greasy foods is because they aggravate fibromyalgia and chronic pain. Dairy, beans, and caffeine aggravates IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) which many living with fibromyalgia suffer from. Read more about the Fibro Diet here.

In October 2019, I switched from coffee to chicory root. Chicory root does have an underlying taste of black pepper, so I do a 1:1 ratio of coffee and chicory root (here’s the brand I’m currently using). While I’m not 100% done with coffee, this drastic cut of it helps relieve most of the anxiety I was experiencing each day. I no longer crash in the afternoon and am able to maintain the same energy throughout the day.

Frozen Fibro Beverages

Drinking smoothies is something I love to do. It’s a cold, refreshing treat that I enjoy during movies, on the go or while working. However, the typical smoothie is not a good match for my not-so-typical stomach. Regular smoothies cause stomach cramps, and I avoid them because of it. What I have instead is a frozen fibro beverage. A frozen fibro beverage is a smoothie created for the sensitive stomach. The ingredients are targeted for the discomforts of chronic pain and fibromyalgia, and include pineapple, blueberry, chocolate and green smoothies. There’s even a special treat one, too!

Get your copy of my smoothie ebook!

Blending Your Way to Wellness: 10 Quick & Easy Smoothie Recipes #beingfibromom


Since starting my path to healing from fibromyalgia in 2013, I’ve learned various ways to manage my pain. When prescription medicines repeatedly caused me to have too many adverse reactions, I turned to alternative treatment options. One of the alternative options I use can be found in the cannabis plant in the form of cannabidiol (CBD).

Cannabis is a popular treatment option due to its effective, natural healing properties. Unfortunately, many of us still live in a state that has not legalized the use of cannabis for medical use. For those of us in those illegal states, we are able to use hemp based CBD because it’s federally legal. (As opposed to marijuana based CBD which is restricted to those states where dispensaries are located.)

Natures Ultra 500 mg CBD oil tincture with cool mint #naturesultra #beingfibromom
What I use currently: Natures Ultra 500 mg CBD oil tincture with cool mint

Cannabidiol is one of over 100 cannabinoid components found in the cannabis plant (1). It has the opposite effects of the more popular and well-known component, THC. CBD plays a major role in acting on the cannabinoid receptors of the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system helps the functioning of physiological processes such as pain sensation, mood, and others (2).

Those of us living with fibromyalgia are thought to have a deficiency or breakdown in the ECS causing it to function improperly. Because CBD acts so well on the receptors of the endocannabinoid system, it can increase the amount of naturally-produced cannabinoids and fill in those deficiencies. CBD can even interact with dopamine receptors which regulates behavior and cognition.

Using CBD oil has reduced my episodes of anxiety and depression. More importantly, it has helped lower my chronic pain and other fibromyalgia related issues. The brand I use is Natures Ultra and I get the 500 mg of the cool mint tincture.

Vitamin C

Lack of Vitamin C can cause many symptoms including painful, swollen joints. Vitamin C is an antioxidant  and is needed for the growth and repair of tissue in the body. The body neither produces Vitamin C nor does it store it, so it is important to get the recommended daily amount. Each day I take two of the Super C Chewable tablets from Young Living because of it’s high quality and seed to seal promise. Whichever supplement you choose to take, please be aware of the ingredients of supplements. Read more about supplement safety here.

Young Living is comparable to a bulk warehouse store – you pay an annual membership fee to get access to wholesale pricing. If you decline the membership, you can still purchase YL products at a retail price.

Super C Chewable twice a day #beingfibromom #youngliving #superc
Super C Chewable twice a day

Plenty of water

Dehydration occurs when more water moves out of cells and the body than the body takes in. When cells have this imbalance of fluids, electrolytes shrivel and result in muscle fatigue. One of the symptoms of fibromyalgia is muscle soreness and fatigue. Drinking water will ease muscle fatigue and aids the digestive system in moving waste through the colon. Constant moving of stool prevents constipation.

Ningxia Red

Want to know the one thing I use for all over body support? NingXia Red. Here’s why:

  • It has various superfoods such as wolfberry, plum, aronia, cherry, blueberry, and pomegranate juices and extracts for overall wellness.
  • Just two ounces a day is a powerful punch of antioxidant goodness for your body.
  • The benefits don’t stop at the berries. NingXia Red also has pure vanilla extract and Lemon, Orange, Yuzu, and Tangerine essential oils.
  • It is efficient support for energy levels, normal cellular function, and whole-body and normal eye health.
Ningxia Red #beingfibromom #youngliving #ningxiared
Ningxia Red is a MUST in our house!

Want to get your hands on a bottle? Or maybe a smaller packet of it? Check it out here!

My friend, Jamie over at Ms.Beehaven Farm, gave me a great tip of stretching this daily shot of yummy wellness – pour the shot into a glass of Simply Lemonade or other juice of preference. It tastes delish this way!

Ningxia Red #beingfibromom #youngliving #ningxiared

Sleep hygiene

It is important for everyone, especially those with poor sleeping habits, to establish healthy sleep hygiene. When someone suffers from chronic pain it is difficult to sleep at night. Inadequate sleep means pain levels will increase the following day. And the cycle begins again.

To break the cycle, establish a bed time and wake time for every day of the week including the weekends or days off. Getting adequate sleep will also help repair adrenal fatigue. Read my article Fibromyalgia Sleep-Wake Cycle for more information.

Only the bed in the bedroom

Yep. Other than a night stand and a dresser, there is only a bed in our bedrooms. No televisions, and our alarm clocks are special low lit so it doesn’t disturb sleep. There have been studies linking televisions and other electronic devices to losing shut eye at night.

Elderberry Syrup

Elderberry syrup is made from elderberries and has numerous benefits such as:

  • reducing sinus infection symptoms
  • lowering blood sugar
  • promoting bowel movement regularity
  • easing allergies and more!

elderberry syrup for wellness #elderberrysyrup #beingfibromom

Breathing exercises

Relaxation and breathing techniques is another way I de-stress. I believe in helping the body heal itself through all natural resources and yoga is a tremendous help with chronic pain.

Exercise and Vitamin D

Since writing the original article months ago, I have added a couple of additions to my natural treatment regiment for chronic pain. These are:

  • daily walks when weather is permitting
  • Vitamin D

Moderate exercise in moderate doses can help ease body pains and increase energy. Vitamin D helps with muscle and bone pain as well as lowering blood pressure.

Chiropractic Care

I started seeing a chiropractor April 2018. It has been a HUGE game changer for me! Chiropractic care is not for everyone, so be sure to do your research before making your decision. Here’s an article to help Should I Use Chiropractic Care?

Abby getting adjusted at our chiropractor’s office.

What are ways you relieve chronic pain and/or fibromyalgia symptoms?

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