Positive Parenting Challenge: Enjoy your kids again in 6 days! #TEACH #Fibroparenting #BeingFibroMom

+Positive Parenting Challenge

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When my blogging friend, Brittany, formed a launch team for her upcoming book, TEACH Your Children to Behave, I knew I had to join. Not only are her books informative, they are also effective. She is God focused in her teachings of a loving family and self, and I knew her new book would not fall short of those standards.

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TEACH your children to behave #TEACH #fibroparenting
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+Positive Parenting Challenge

To go along with the launch of her new book, she is challenging us parents. Challenging us to channel our inner positive parenting skills and let them shine for the better of ourselves and children. Can you accept this six day +Positive Parenting Challenge?

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So glad I saw this parenting challenge! I definitely need this in my life!


TEACH Your Children to Behave

Teaching our children how to behave is no easy task. It takes a lot of hard work, patience, and commitment. But where do we begin? What are our goals to become better parents that teach our children how to polite and behave appropriately? Brittany shows you how to do this in her newest book, TEACH Your Children to Behave.

I had the pleasure of reading the book prior to launch, and I must say it was everything I believe parenting should be. It focuses on how to effectively show your children how to behave while showing you how to become a better parent as well. Read more about how I changed my good kids’ bad behaviors and how you can get a copy.

can I change my good kid's bad behavior #FibroParenting #TEACH #BeingFibroMom
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You CAN change your good kids bad behavior! #TEACH #Fibroparenting Share on X


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