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Blending Your Way to Wellness: 10 Quick & Easy Smoothie Recipes

Get your copy TODAY and start blending your way to wellness for you and your entire family! These recipes are so easy to make, that you’re going to be excited about making smoothies!

From freezing fruits and veggies to making smoothie packs, I will walk you through how easy it is to blend some wellness into your life!  Full-color recipes, recipe tips, and a build-your-own smoothie guide are included.

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Smoothie ebook Table of Contents –

  • Introduction: Fibromyalgia and living with stubborn kiddos who refused to eat healthily pushed me to find healthy alternatives to getting the nutrient our family needed. The struggle was REAL.
  • What’s Included page: Find a list of ingredients used in each recipe, full color, easy-to-read recipes can be printed out as well as an easy, printable reference guide to build your smoothie.
  • Freezing: Tips for buying in bulk, on sale, and in season are included in this section about how to wash, dry, and freeze your goodies!
  • Smoothie Packs: Learn some quick tips to make smoothie packs for those busy school mornings or a quick afternoon snack!
  • List of Ingredients: Find a list of all ingredients used in each recipe as well as how those ingredients benefit and fuel the body.
  • Recipe Tips: A few easy tips (including blender recommendations) to make the perfect, creamy recipe you and your family will love!
  • Full-Color Recipes: Ten full-color recipes for the entire family to enjoy! Start your day with a Brain-Boosting Breakfast smoothie or treat yourself to a mint chocolate shake.
  • Easy Smoothie Guide: Start with one banana, add one ingredient from each block of this easy reference guide, blend, and enjoy! Includes area to record your creations.
  • Sources: Sources used in the creation of these recipes are included for further reference.

Free Digital Downloads

Fibro Food Guide

The Fibro Food Guide is a collection of foods you can eat with fibromyalgia and foods you should avoid. The guide lists the reasons why you should or shouldn’t eat certain foods along with an easy-to-follow printable table.

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Minecraft Party Printables

If you are a mom, chances are you know what Minecraft is. And if you know what Minecraft is, chances are you have been asked to throw a Minecraft birthday party. Here are the printables needed for a DIY Minecraft party and the directions for it! Pssst…it’s super easy!

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For my son’s birthday party in the past, we did an all-out Minecraft-themed birthday party  – and it was a huge success!! From the invitations to decorations to the food, it was Minecraft all the way down to the font used! Here are lots of photos of his party with links to the decorations used.

Tips to Being a Rockstar Fibro Parent

Being a parent is hard enough and parenting with a chronic illness is even more difficult. The days are unpredictable, achy, and tiring and that’s just for living with fibromyalgia. Parenting is the same, and the two together – fibro parenting – can be physically and mentally draining. There are ways to cope and how to be a rockstar fibro parent without overdoing yourself, so here are a few tips I learned over the years in an easy-to-follow three-page guide. To read the full article from The Fibromyalgia Magazine, click here.

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Monthly Template for Kids’ Chore Charts

These chore charts for kids are easy for kids of all ages to use. Because it’s a monthly chore chart, there’s no fussing about changing out the template week to week. Fill it out once a month and you’re done until the next month! Simple and easy is perfect for a fibro parent!

To be able to reuse them: First, place the printout in an 8×10 frame from either Dollar Tree or get creative to match your decor. Next, use a dry erase marker to write in the name, month, and chores. Use a fine tip dry erase marker for smaller and more legible writing. For more about how to use this chore chart, click here.

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