20+ Resources to encourage and inspire during the difficult times #inspiration #encouragement

Resources to Encourage and Inspire During Difficult Times

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Living with a chronic illness means countless difficulties, obstacles, and let downs. It’s hard to be happy and positive when it seems as though the world is moving against you. Days can start off shining bright, but darken without warning. Battling pain, depression, anxiety, and other overwhelming chronic symptoms can be exhausting. Even the most optimistic person is worn down over time, so here are articles to encourage and inspire you during those difficult times.

20+ Resources to encourage and inspire during the difficult times #inspiration #encouragement
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Encourage and Inspire

Is there hope for us? Is there a way to cope with the difficult times? Is it possible to be happy despite the pain and depression?

Here is a collection of posts that will encourage, inspire, and uplift when life is getting tough and you need to be encouraged to keep going. Thank you to all of the writers of these resources!

Life When Both Partners Have a Chronic Illness from Becomin Neurotic

Journey Through Chronic Pain from Lost in Books

A Life Bigger Than Pain from Hayley-Eszti

We have to believe that God is who he says he is, if we are going to trust in him. Here’s how I learned to do it from Batavias Best Bargains

How to Deal With Life When You’re Losing Control from Painted Teacup

His Mercies Are NEW Every Morning (includes a moving video from the author) from True & Faithful

A Testament of God’s Goodness During Infertility from True & Faithful

Time: The Great Equalizer from Classes by Beth

Top 10 Things That Cheer Me Up from Life with Joanne

When Things Don’t Go Like You Plan from The World According to Plaidfuzz

Depression is a Liar from The Holy Mess with Sara Borgstede

When A Loved One Has Depression and YOU Are the One Going Crazy from The Holy Mess with Sara Borgstede

What to Do When People Judge You from The Holy Mess with Sara Borgstede

Did You Get That? from Life With Green Eyes

Learning to Love Where You Are from Coastal Conservatory

25 Ways to Love Yourself This Year from The Quiet Grove

Taking Ownership Over Your Life from Miss Millennia Magazine

10 Ways to Get Happy Right Now from Working Mom Magic

Uphills: The View From the Top from Run Determined

Three Truths to Remember When You Feel Like a Failure from Equipping Godly Women

Friends in Low Places (Garth Brooks) from Gypsy Road

When You’ve Reached Your Limit from The Stay-at-Home Mom Survival Guide

How to Feel: Why Do YOU Create? from Allspice & Acrylics

Making Things Happen a Ripple at a Time from Allspice & Acrylics

How Losing My Stomach Made Me Hungry For Lunch from Sammiches and Psych Meds

Sweet Boy Turns Eleven, and Keeps Landing on His Feet from Be Fed Again

Acts of Random Kindness from Penny Pinching Peach


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20+ Resources to encourage and inspire during the difficult times #inspiration #encouragement


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  1. Thank you for including my post. I’ve been going through some emotional stress lately so this post will come in handy for when I’m feeling down. Thank you for putting it together!

    1. Thank you for sharing it. This is a great collection of posts to read when feeling down. I hope you feel better sooner than later.

  2. Stopping by from Link it To Me. Thanks so much for taking the time out to create this collection. It is always great to have some encouraging and inspiring resources that you can go to when feeling down. Pinning this. God bless you and your family.

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