Target Dry Sprays Reviews #Target #TryDry #reviews

Target Dry Spray VoxBox

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Target Dry Sprays Reviews #Target #TryDry #reviews
photo credit: Being Fibro Mom
How #Target #DrySprays stacked up against my regular deodarant #TryDry Click To Tweet

I’m not sure from whom I inherited it, but I have some strong body odor when I work up a sweat. It got so bad a few years ago, that I switched to clinical strength deodorants in order to eliminate that terrible odor. Even though they may be a bit (lot) more expensive than the usual deodorant, I need it to feel fresh. I don’t want to walk around smelling like a dirty, unwashed gym bag every time I sweat.

I’m happy with my current deodorant, but was more than happy to try the new Target Dry Spray sent to me, complimentary, from Influenster. Here is my unveiling video:

It seemed to be great! Smells good, light weight container, slim design, and much more affordable than my usual deodorant. 

BUT how does Dove Dry Spray stack up against Secret Clinical Strength?

dove vs secret #dove #secret
photo credit: Being Fibro Mom

My first test was applying the products. These are the questions I was looking to answer:

  1. How easy is each one to apply?
  2. Does either leave any residue on my shirt?
  3. How dry does each go on?
  4. How does each smell after applying?

Here are my answers:

  1. The Secret was easy to apply, but the Dove spray was much easier for me.
  2. I applied one deodorant to each arm pit. Neither left residue on a black tank top.
  3. The Secret is wet after applying. I had to wait a few minutes before it was dry. The Dove dry spray was just that – instantly dry!
  4. Secret had no smell, but the Dove spray smelled pleasant.
dove spray no residue #dove #target #trydry
photo credit: Being Fibro Mom
secret no residue #secret
photo credit: Being Fibro Mom

So far, it seems that Dove dry spray is winning. Let’s see about how it lasted all day.

To keep it fair, I showered in the morning before applying each deodorant in order to have a fair starting basis. Here are the results after 24 hours use, and a typical day at home doing housework – nothing strenuous.

At the end of the day for Secret:

  • no pleasant fragrance or foul body odor 
  • dry (no sweat) with no residue

At the end of the day for Dove:

  • still has pleasant fragrant and no body odor
  • dry (no sweat) with no residue

Still, the Dove is winning for me. I like having no body odor, but the pleasant fragrance is a bonus!

What about a day that I sweat a lot? How does each deodorant last after I sweat more than the usual? Let’s see about how each lasted all day after strenuous housework. Again, I showered in the morning before applying each deodorant. The day’s housework included the typical chores with the addition of vacuuming, changing bed sheets, and scrubbing down each of the three full bathrooms.

At the end of the day for Secret:

  • no pleasant fragrance or foul body odor
  • dry (no sweat) with no residue

At the end of the day for Dove:

  • No pleasant fragrance AND foul body odor
  • sticky with sweat mixing with spray
  • no residue

It seems the clear winner is Secret, but not so fast!

For me, they are both winners.

Here’s why –

I like that Dove has a nice fragrance, goes on dry, and lasts through a typical day for me. But I also like how Secret is strong on the days I need it the most. In my case, I would keep both. I’d use Dove as an everyday spray, and use Secret on the days I know I’m going to need the extra protection. This would lessen the cost of deodorant for me because I’d be using the clinical strength less. The cost of the Dove dry spray is affordable, which I like.

What about the days I don’t use Secret, but need the extra protection? Oh, well – it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

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