Three For All: Pass the Torch!

Want to make a quick buck? (or six?)

Then it’s time to try Swagbucks! In celebration of the Summer Games, Swagbucks has announced an another promotion where you can get a $3 (300 SB) Bonus just for signing up through our site and earning your first 300 SB before September. So open up your umbrella (not in the house!) and put on your slicker and galoshes because it’s about to pour 300 SB Bonuses for you and your family and friends.


Three for All: Pass the Torch #Swagbucks



What is Swagbucks?


New to Swagbucks? It’s a FREE rewards program where you earn free gift cards for the things you already do online. You get points (called SB) and redeem them for PayPal or Visa cash and gift cards from Amazon, Walmart, Target and other great retailers. Read more about Swagbucks and see tutorial videos and more!


What is Three For All?

Three For All is a Swagbucks promotion running from now until August 31, 2016. When you earn 300 SB by August 31, you will be rewarded with a bonus 300 SB!

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How to earn 300 SB in one hour

Here’s how to earn your 300 SB in an hour (all of these can be found on the Swagbucks homepage):

  1. Sign up for free through this link: Click here

  2. Watch a few short clips (from ‘Watch’ in the left sidebar on the Swagbucks homepage) from Top Sports Headlines, World New Headlines, cooking shows, and the Latest from TMZ and earn 26 SB

  3. Take a 5 minute survey(from ‘Survey’ in the left sidebar on the Swagbucks homepage) for 60 SB and a 13 minute survey for 100 SB. Even if you get DQ’d, you get paid up to five times for a total of 5 SB.

  4. Print a $1 Off Flintstone’s Vitamin Coupon and earn 25 SB

  5. Sign Up for Zulilly’s free mailing list and earn 50 SB

  6. Click through entertainment-focused web content with NCrave for 20 minutes and earn 20 SB.

  7. Install the Hulu App on your phone and earn 24 SB.

That’s it! You’ve just earned 300 SB (worth $3 on its own) and you’ll get a $3 Bonus for your effort!



Other ways to earn quick SB

Here are some other easy ways to earn some quick SB:



Bonus 300 SB for referrals!

Already a Swagbucks member? Here’s how to get your $3 Bonus:

  1. Refer a friend to Swagbucks between Now and Wednesday, August 31st

  2. Your referral earns 300 SB by August 31st (see above!)

  3. You AND your referral will both be awarded an additional 300 SB each

That’s it! (the 300 SB bonuses will credit by September 6th) So once again, starting today, send out those referrals, a 300 SB Bonus could come in handy for a rainy day!


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Three For All: Pass the Torch #Swagbucks #ThreeForAll
image created by Brandi Clevinger using the image provided by Swagbucks


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