Ultimate Blog Party 2014 Introduction

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Ultimate Blog Party 2014

This is my first year participating in the Ultimate Blog Party, and I’m so excited to be participating! Thank you for having me! Here’s a little about me, my blog, and my social media presence:

A little about me

Ultimate Blog Party 2014 introduction - my family

I am Brandi, and I am married to an amazing, charming husband! I am also a stay at home mom to four little monsters who are eight, seven, four, and two. Yes, I have my hands full to say the least! I’ve been married for almost ten years, and I am looking forward to renewing my wedding vows when we do hit the big 1-0!!

My husband and I met while serving in the military many years ago. We have been inseparable since our first date, and each year brings us new discoveries as well as challenges. We make a great team, and thoroughly enjoy the chaotic mess we call parenthood!

my husband and me
my husband and me, 2005

Our family currently has two furry members, Tom the cat and Ember (also a cat). We hope to expand our family by adopting a puppy in the next couple of years – notice I use ‘couple of years’. Our youngest is two years old, so I’m waiting until she is older before assuming a commitment as big as a dog. Still, I’m looking forward to having a dog!

We do not own a house, but this is also in our two year plan right now. First, we have to find a place we are wanting to plant our roots in. Our hearts are set on Charlotte, NC. By the way – know of any job openings for an IT network/security guy in the NC area? 🙂

About my blog, Being the Imperfect Mom

My blog was inspired by one single blogger, who has come to be my favorite blogger. How can one blogger be so inspirational? I’ll tell you!

Up until the winter of 2012, I lived in pain caused by an unknown source for years. I do not know what triggered it, but I did know it wreaked havoc on my body! I had body aches that spanned across my entire body, muscle aches/spasms, back pains (to the point of locking up when bending over), hip pains, sharp pains in the feet, headaches, mood swings, depression, anxiety, shoulder/neck tension headaches, severe menstrual cycles, chronic fatigue, sleepless nights, etc. etc. etc. The list could go on for pages. Initially, I thought it was just me, and not being strong enough. I soon learned that it wasn’t just me, and what I was living was not normal.

Finally, in the fall of 2012 I hit a breaking point, and told my newly appointed physician all my problems. I didn’t care how embarrassed I felt by my pains, I wanted it to end. She diagnosed me that very day. Of course, she ran tests to confirm her diagnosis, but that’s all it did – reaffirm what she knew was the cause of my symptoms. I have chronic pain and fibromyalgia. As if one isn’t bad enough, I have two. My road to treatment began there.

My reality with chronic pain saddened me

Right after my diagnosis, I started reading up on my conditions, and looked for ways that I could start getting better right then. During my research, I found an article about simplifying the home, and how to make cooking and cleaning easier. I didn’t know it, but I was reading a blog. And this blogger was a genius! She opened my eyes to how easy I could make my life just by simplifying my household duties while not short changing my family and our quality of life! Really – she’s a genius!

This created a spark, and that spark created a fire in me! I took those small, simple ideas and customized them to my life. Over the next year, I kept growing and finding ways to live that was more conducive to my life with chronic conditions. Along with my treatment, my life has changed in noticeable ways, and is felt in a positive way not only by me, but my immediate family as well as my extended family.

stop surviving your life of chronic pain and start thriving in it

I know I am not the only mom living with chronic conditions, and this is how “Being the Imperfect Mom” came about. My mission is to let all moms living with chronic pain to not be ashamed of their condition as I once was, and to show them that they don’t have to just survive their everyday life, but to thrive it! My posts are informative and filled with resources about fibromyalgia, chronic pain, and everything spoonie. Don’t know what a spoonie is? Click here!

What is a spoonie?

Read more about me on this page.

My husband and I also founded an organization a couple of years ago to raise awareness of juvenile arthritis. We have recently changed the name to Juvenile Arthritis Awareness. The website is currently being built; however, we have a Facebook page and Pinterest page to connect you to information and resources.

 Getting social with me

top 5 social media platforms

I love all things social media! There are a few reasons I love them, and I do have my favorites. But if you’d like to connect with me, find me on the one you like the most (or all of them!) –

Let me know you are following me, and I’ll follow you back so we can stay connected!!

Anything else you should know?

Yes, there is! I just created a Facebook group Java Mamas. It’s a place to connect with other moms, and share all stories whether it’s funny, embarrassing, frustrating, celebratory, inspirational, or anything else. Let us share in your moment by giving you support, strength, encouragement, or additional celebrating! We also share photos, ask questions, take polls, and more! Join us now!

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2 thoughts on “Ultimate Blog Party 2014 Introduction”

  1. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you over this past month. How you felt before diagnosis brought tears to my eyes. I know how scary and painful it must be and then the relief once diagnosis comes. Relief, not because the pain magically goes away, but relief that you weren’t going crazy, you were right there was something wrong with your body, and now you could take steps to mitigate the pain. I’m so glad you found a blogger to help you through those difficult times. That’s why I keep blogging and hope to help those who experience what I do in my own small way.

    Thanks for sharing with #smallVictoriessunday! I did the UBP too, always a good time!

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