why celebrating Christmas in July is a must #greetingcards #BasicInvite

Why Celebrating Christmas in July is a Must

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Christmas… what?! That’s probably the furthest thing from your mind right now. It’s summer, the time of year to spend with family void of holiday related stress, but hear me out! When living with fibromyalgia, we all know stress equals pain. The more stress we’re undergoing the more likely we are to experience symptoms and with the stress of holidays this is a much more likely scenario. So, how can you reduce some of that stress in order to create more enjoyable memories? Celebrate Christmas in July… kinda of.

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why celebrating Christmas in July is a must #greetingcards #BasicInvite
created by Brandi Clevinger using the image from © BasicInvite.com
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Basic Invite, an online stationery company, has given us the bright idea to celebrate Christmas a little early this year. So, with their expert tips and cute Christmas cards we’ve come up with a few reason why celebrating Christmas in July is a must!

Why Celebrating Christmas in July is a Must

#1 Planning Ahead

Reason number one, planning ahead. The perks of planning ahead are endless! Planning ahead is always a good idea no matter the situation. It makes you prepared, keeps things organized, and cuts down on last minute craziness and unwanted stress. Not only can you start shopping for gifts, you can even start wrapping them! If nothing else, start setting aside money for your holiday fund so you don’t have to worry about it come crunch time.

#2 Family Photos Done Early

Another thing you can check off your Christmas list early, family photos for your holiday cards. Get the family together for some photos during the off season to avoid photographer booking restrictions, dangerous winter storms, and any weather related symptoms that may come during the cold season.

You can get really creative with your family photos in the summer. Take a nice photo on the beach or round everyone up for a picnic in the park and take advantage of the natural scenery. Your holiday cards don’t have to be all red everything. Switch it up and send a warm greeting this time around.

Planning ahead is zero risk and one hundred percent reward! And if nothing else it’s a reason to get the family together, capture your memories, and create unique Christmas cards early!

In Summary, Christmas in July is a must because…

So, if you’re into this crazy idea of somewhat celebrating Christmas in July by prepping gifts and making your Christmas cards head over to Basic Invite for 30% off all holiday cards. They have tons of designs, 180 color options, 100 font choices, multiple paper types and card cuts, and all of the adorable accessories to go along! Not to mention you are able to create your entire design from the comfort of your own home and on your time! Having the ability to relax in your robe on the couch or sit out on your front porch with a iced tea will make an otherwise tedious and potentially exhausting task super enjoyable! And if you aren’t feeling so hot lately, it’s a great distraction that takes no effort!

Happy customizing and happy Christmas in July!


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why celebrating Christmas in July is a must #greetingcards #BasicInvite
created by Brandi Clevinger using the image from © BasicInvite.com


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