Why Your Family's New Luxury Vehicle Can Be Brand Spanking Used #fibrofamily #beingfibromom

Why Your Family’s New Luxury Vehicle Can Be Brand Spanking Used

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That time is rolling around. You need to get a new set of wheels for the family. Your taste in cars may have changed, your family expanded, and like most people, you may be closely budgeting your household finances. It doesn’t mean you can’t still browse the dealership showroom or take that current year model with the latest technology out for a test-drive. It also doesn’t mean you can’t find a used model that can fit your lifestyle and fulfill your needs, and a few of your wishes, just as well.

Why Your Family's New Luxury Vehicle Can Be Brand Spanking Used #fibrofamily #beingfibromom
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Why used is the new NEW for family car buying #fibrofamily #frugalliving Share on X

Why ‘Used’ is the new ‘New’

What to look for on and off the lot

You are probably aware of the fact that a new car generally loses 20% of its value the moment you drive it off the dealer’s lot. But that loss of resale value is to your benefit if you are the lucky buyer to take possession of it when it still has a long road life ahead. Additionally, in today’s marketplace, you can learn the history of the vehicle you are thinking of buying, both its prior maintenance and service schedule as well as how many accidents the vehicle has been in. That information shifts the “let the buyer beware” situation in your favor, as the “let the buyer be aware” resource helps you make the safest choice for your family.

Savings on top of savings

The cost of your new used vehicle is just part of the savings you will realize when choosing to go the pre-owned route. Not only will you save on the cost of the car, but also the sales tax, cost of insurance and even interest rates if you are financing for a lower amount than if you were financing a new car. If you have any lingering concerns about maintenance costs, then you can always opt for a certified pre-owned vehicle that is still covered by some type of warranty. Of course, always be sure to have a mechanic you trust check out any vehicle you are thinking of purchasing from a private third party.

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Model types and add-ons that make your life easier

Consider the type of vehicles that suit your current lifestyle and family’s needs. Check to be sure you can get in and out easily, as higher or lower seated cars can make maneuvering uncomfortable or even painful. Lifting into the seat of an SUV or even sliding into the seat of a smaller style truck can be a deciding factor if lowering into a compact car is challenging. Heated seats and steering wheels have cinched a deal for those who benefit from the circulation that warmth provides. It is extremely important you are comfortable in the vehicle where you spend so much of your time.

The value of getting more value

It’s fun visiting dealerships and taking the family to car shows to check out the new models with their advanced technologies and fancy accessories. It gives you the opportunity to see what it is you are really looking for in your next vehicle. Most likely, last year’s car or truck will have a model close in every way, except for the price. Shop smart and you will not only drive home in exactly the car you desire, but with the luxury…of money left in the bank.

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