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how to reduce (and recover from) fibromyalgia flares #beingfibromom #fibromyalgia #fibroflares

Fibromyalgia Flares

Okay. So you’re having a flare. What does that mean? What can you expect? How long does it last? How can you explain this term to those that do not have fibromyalgia, chronic pain, or other chronic illness so that they can understand and help during those times? Better yet, how do I reduce (and …

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fibromyalgia treatment options #fibromyalgia #fibromyalgiatreatments #chronicillness #beingfibromom

Fibromyalgia Treatment Options

Fibromyalgia is a complex condition in which there is no cure. There are options to successfully manage the symptoms, however, there is no one treatment plan, but rather a multidimensional approach. Here are the fibromyalgia treatment options. Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post, but these are products I recommend …

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Fibromyalgia Definition

Fibromyalgia encompasses many ailments and symptoms, but what is the fibromyalgia definition? According to The First Year: Fibromyalgia: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed by Claudia Craig Marek the condition of fibromyalgia, formerly know as “fibrositis”, had been in medical literature since the early 1800s. She notes that Dr. Frederick Wolfe formed a group of physicians and …

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