Are you a parent or guardian living with fibromyalgia?

Yes? Then check out this simple digital guide Simple Tips to Being a Rockstar Fibro Parent! These tips include how your kids can help, creating a flare day kit, how to manage fibromyalgia flares, encouragment, and more.

My Fibromyalgia Story

In early 2006, I had a sudden onset of mysterious symptoms: chronic back pain, body aches, fatigue, joint stiffness, depression, anxiety, sensory sensitivities, cognitive issues, and severe gut issues. Multiple doctors and specialists told me there was nothing wrong with me.

Fast forward to 2012. After yet another blackout from the pain, I awoke on the floor in my bedroom and I was feeling hallowed out. And I became determined to stop living that way. I was not going to let these so-called ‘experts’ tell me there was nothing wrong with me when there so clearly was something wrong.

Soon after, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, depression, and generalized anxiety. My life changed at that moment. While I cried for the loss of who I was, I embraced who I was going to become – a mom who would find a way to raise a family while living with fibromyalgia. This led me to the creation of Being Fibro Mom, and years later, a leader and advocate of the fibromyalgia community.

Read my full story here.

Interested in Advocacy for Fibromyalgia?

Advocacy comes in various forms and anyone can do it. Most likely you’re already an advocate and don’t even know it. Learn about all the advocacy work that has been done in the fibromyalgia community.

Being Fibro Mom’s Mission

Initially, Being Fibro Mom was a way to connect with other parents/caregivers living with fibromyalgia and share my experiences as I worked through it. I’ve shared everything from my many failures to embarrassing moments to overall successes. The intention was to share my struggles as a fibro mom in an effort to connect with other fibro parents. My hope was that we could help one another find strategies for parenting and managing symptoms to be the parents we ultimately wanted to be.

Each time I write, I do it in the hopes of helping fibromyalgia sufferers become fibromyalgia thrivers. My mission is to advocate for parents enduring the hardships of fibromyalgia. I hope to one day help in changing the mantra “You don’t look sick” and replace it with knowledge, understanding, compassion, and healing. Bridging the gap between fibromyalgia thrivers and their loved ones is a personal mission and one that I take seriously.

My Current Work in the Fibromyalgia Community

I have the privilege and honor of working closely with other fibromyalgia leaders to form the nonprofit organization, Support Fibromyalgia Network.

We are a patient-centered national nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and inspiring the fibromyalgia community, and the next generation of advocates and community leaders ready to take on fibromyalgia in a new era of medicine. While fully immersed in technology, we embrace a range of programs such as health coaching, support groups, and research outreach. We are here to deliver on our promises of creating tangible patient solutions.

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