Battling Germs During the Seasonal Months

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Around Fall and Winter each year, our family gets hit with multiple germs causing a cold, sinus irritation, or strep throat. Whatever it is, every time it involves congestion, sore throat, body aches, and headache with an occasional upset tummy. And each time (for the most part) I’m able to get us feeling better again quickly with food and other supplements. Here are my tips for battling germs during the seasonal months.

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My Experience with Medications

I don’t necessarily like to use medications because of my experiences, but in many cases, they are absolutely necessary. However, like many other bodies out there, my body is sensitive to prescription and over-the-counter medications. And by sensitive I mean if there’s an adverse reaction or side effect, I will most likely experience it.

From my first surgery in high school (appendectomy) in the 1990s to the present, I’ve discovered allergies to penicillin, Zithromax, and doxycycline. The penicillin allergy results in anaphylaxis, Zithromax causes tongue swelling and an itchy throat, and doxycycline causes esophagus irritation. I’m also sensitive to a few antidepressants and several pain medications. Even Motrin causes an upset stomach, so needless to say, my recovery time from surgery – five total including a hysterectomy for endometriosis – is slow and painful.

So that’s my deal with medications and why I’ve had to seek alternative treatments to manage fibromyalgia symptoms and most illnesses. Honestly, because of my experiences, I’d rather seek something other than medicine first. 

Are ALL medications off-limits for my family and me?

Absolutely not! My preference for healing is to use natural methods first for myself and my children; however, I’m not opposed to all medications. My children take seasonal allergies from time to time, I’ve taken antibiotics when natural anti-bacterial remedies fail, and I absolutely give my kids over-the-counter medicine when the other ways fail to help their pain, discomfort, and fevers. Without a doubt, I administer prescribed antibiotics when they have an infection such as strep throat. Since antibiotics can destroy the gut, I use probiotics after we’ve finished the prescribed round of antibiotics.

Everyday Preventative Steps

My kids are exposed to school germs nearly every day, so there are a few ways I keep the germs at bay and our immune systems up.

Note: When using supplements and multivitamins, please use caution.

  • Hand washing regularly
  • MightyVites for kids (these are multivitamins for kids)
  • Smoothies packed with vegetables, fruits, flax seeds, and chia seeds LINK
  • Super C Chewables for me
  • Elderberry gummies during the winter and spring months LINK
  • Roll Thieves/fractionated coconut oil blend on feet
  • Diffuse Thieves throughout the house
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Tips for Battling Germs During the Seasonal Months

Despite our best efforts, we are not impenetrable to germs. In fact, some germs are good for you, so we welcome those good germs. However, some of those bad germs do make it across our shield of defense, so we have to change tactics a bit.

These are the steps we take in our home when we begin to feel yucky. 

  • Raw honey (Do NOT give honey to babies under twelve months of age)
  • Elderberry gummies
  • Smoothies (My kids love to drink smoothies when they are not feeling well. It soothes their throats and gives them all the nutritional support they need while tasting delicious.)
  • Avoid all added sugars, dairy, and junk food
  • Echinacea tea with infused honey
  • Bone broth (beef or chicken)

When my kids are running high fevers, they see their pediatrician. When antibiotics or other medications are prescribed for infection or other illnesses, I absolutely administer them as directed. I do not substitute my own remedies in place of medical advice.

And as always, do not use my advice in place of medical advice. I am not a medical professional. These are my own experiences.

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