apple eve voxbox review #appleeve #voxbox #healthydrink #influenster

Apple & Eve Influenster VoxBox Review

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apple eve voxbox review #appleeve #voxbox #healthydrink #influenster

I was excited to receive the Apple & Eve Influenster VoxBox last week, and looked forward to tasting new healthy juice options for my family.

As someone living with fibromyalgia, I strive to maintain healthy eating in order to reduce any fibromyalgia flares. Healthy eating is extended to my husband and children in order to improve all of our health. Limiting sugary drinks is part of our healthier eating plan, but finding healthy drinks that actually taste good are hard to find. Until now.

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My Apple & Eve Influenster VoxBox included the following items to test:

  • Large 1 liter Orange & Pineapple juice box
  • Organic Quenchers: Fruit Punch Burst
  • Organic Quenchers:Raspberry Apple Splash
  • Organic Quenchers: Berrylicious Lemonade

My kids were excited by the packaging of the juice boxes. The kids didn’t realize they were about to drink a healthy juice because they were distracted by the bright colors and fun juice box. Already a win!

apple eve photo kids 1

My kids loved their juice boxes! My oldest daughter asked, “Are you sure you’re okay with us drinking so much sugar?” Haha When I told them it was healthy juice, my oldest son was shocked and asked if I was sure it was healthy because it tasted so good. Another win!

apple eve photo kids 2

Since there were three small boxes and four kids, I gave the kids that were awake the juice boxes. When my son woke up from his nap, I poured him some of “mommy’s juice box” and he was happy with that.

apple eve photo kids 3

My kids loved each of their flavors, but my favorite was the Orange & Pineapple.

The Apple & Eve organic juices have been a tasty and affordable addition to our family’s healthy eating plan!

What juice do your kids like to drink?

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