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The Dollar Shave Club is one of the most popular subscription boxes. It’s free shipping and low priced deals makes it the most desirable razor on the market. Pair those perks with the flexibility of frequency of orders with amazing accessories, you have the most convenient, affordable razor you can find. 

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Dollar Shave Club #frugal #DSC


But behind all the glitz and glamor of the subscription box, free shipping, and low priced deals, how does the razor actually perform? How well do the accessories work? Will it really replace my current razor? More importantly, is it worth the money?

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In other words – is the Dollar Shave Club really everything it’s buffed up to be?

Why Dollar Shave Club?

After seeing that hilarious DSC commercial, my husband wanted to know what was so great about it. He read a few reviews which were all positive and wanted to try it. Eventually, after many months of my husband expressing interest in this “incredibly awesome razor”, I decided to jump on this popular subscription box and see for myself what all the hoopla is about. I wasn’t opposed to saving us money on a necessity item!

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What do I get with the monthly box?

You get four refill cartridges for the blade of your choice, a razor handle for your first box, and any accessories you choose.

There are three blades to choose from –

Dollar Shave Club #DollarShaveClub #DSC


Since my husband normally gets a five blade razor, I ordered the Executive blade. 

There’s a few accessories you can choose such as

  • shave butter
  • post shave cream
  • repair serum
  • wipes
  • and more!

I saw reviews stating how amazing the shaving cream, Shave Butter, is so I added that to the box as well.

My subscription box shipped and arrived to me within three days of the order confirmation. I don’t know if that’s the normal, but I was pretty impressed with the fast shipping (it’s free shipping with the 4x and executive level boxes).

My box contained:

  • razor handle (a razor handle is only included in your first subscription box)
  • 4 refill blades
  • shave butter (added on accessory)
  • member handbook


DSC contents

Here is my Dollar Shave Club product review with a giveaway after it. Oh, yeah, and my husband’s review, too, because he had a little something to do with it!

The Husband’s Review

My experience with the Dollar Shave Club has been nothing short than amazing. 

Over the course of several months, my wife would hear me complain about the razors I was using, and how reluctant I would be to purchase them for $20-$30 dollars; especially since I shave only twice a week, #Koreanproblems.  Because of this, she tells me one day that she has ordered DSC for me and that it would arrive in a few days. 

When it arrived, the razor had a sleek handle, four 6-blade cartridges, and shave butter to replace my shaving cream. 

The next morning I tried it out and can honestly say, I was blown away by the results.  The shave butter is an amazing moisturizer for my skin. 

Typically I would shave with brand-name shaving cream, and then would have to apply lotion to my face.  The shave butter eliminates this 2-step process. 

The blades are amazing and provide me with the closest shaves I’ve ever had – one stroke, every time.  What’s more impressive is that the subscription includes 4 new cartridges every month.  That means I get a fresh blade for my face every week!  No more in-grown hairs from dull blades! 

I would highly recommend this product for anyone – man or woman – that requires shaving.  The price fits into our budget so much more than spending outrageous amounts of money for creams, aftershave, new blades, etc. 

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The Dollar Shave Club has impressed me, and they have earned a new loyal customer.

My The Wife’s Review

After my husband’s raves about this razor, I decided to give it a try. 

I was immediately impressed with the shave butter. The shave butter was creamy and smooth. It didn’t work up into a lather reducing waste of cream. I didn’t notice a scent which is a plus for me.

Now to the razor. The first stroke was amazing. And so was the second, third, all the way to the last. The shave was closer than my normal razor resulting in a smoother, cleaner shave. I didn’t have to shave over and over to get hairs missed during the initial shave. And, most important, the razor was gentle on my skin. 

Post shaving results:

  • No dried out skin from the shave butter.
  • No patches of hair left behind.
  • Shaving time cut in half.
  • Smoother, cleaner shave.
  • Longer lasting shave.
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This razor is a must have for every household and is affordable for every budget, too!

Keep Dollar Shave Club?

Absolutely!! We have each used the razor numerous times and neither of us have been disappointed with the razor, butter, or results.

DSC is a must have for husband and wife!

Even though the company recommends changing your blade every week, we do not shave enough in a week to change it out. As a result, we changed the frequency of receiving our box to every two months. I’m very happy with that option!

What if I need a new razor handle or more cartridges?

No worries! You can add a new handle, more cartridges, or any other accessory to your box any time! They even have a hair gel!

Will I be alerted before my box ships?

Yes! You will be emailed long before your box ships so you can add items, change the frequency of the subscription box, or switch the type of blade you receive.

Didn’t I hear ‘giveaway’?


This giveaway is over. I will be offering another one soon.


9 thoughts on “Dollar Shave Club Giveaway”

  1. My husband uses the dollar shave club and we love the low cost, quality, and other face products that he tries out!

  2. My husband tried out Dollar Shave Club when they were new on the market. We loved the service, but he didn’t like the razors. However, I think it might have been that we tried the $6 a month ones instead of the $9 ones which are probably closer to the name brand ones he uses. He is a true mountain man who has to shave daily. Now with 2 sons who are also mountain men and shaving a few times a week already I am thinking of trying the service again, those store brand razors even with coupons are starting to add up. I talked to my husband about trying it again and he agreed with me it was probably that we didn’t order the premium package. Live and learn. Thanks for reminding me that I really need to give them another try.

    1. If you enter the giveaway and win, make sure you use a new sign up in order to get the free month.

      Yes, the executive razor is worth the money each month. Those razors do add up even with the coupons and sales, just like you said.

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