Get Exclusive Fibro Swag #fibroswag #supportfibro

Exclusive Fibro Swag

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Want some exclusive fibro swag? There’s a way! As a team member at the International Support Fibromyalgia Network, we are working hard to bring the fibromyalgia community the change it’s so desperately needed for years. Through the programs we’re building to the events we attend, we are are connecting with various parts of the community from the local to national levels and everything in between. In order to get the changes we needed, we are fundraising and in return, giving you the chance to get some exclusive fibro swag!

Get Exclusive Fibro Swag #fibroswag #supportfibro

Exclusive Fibro Swag

There are all sorts of fibro swag you can get through our Indiegogo campaign (check them out here) –

  • Support Fibro shirts
  • Fibro Tour shirts
  • Advocacy Day shirts
  • buttons
  • bracelets

But that’s not all! We are also offering free wellness packages to include coaching, ebooks, social media marketing and more in addition to fibro swag.

Digital Wellness Pack

  • Blending Your Way to Wellness: 10 Quick and Easy Smoothie Recipes ebook
  • First ever Biohacking Fibromyalgia 101 starter handbook

Ultimate Warrior

  • Personal phone call from the Support Fibro president
  • Support Fibro shirt
  • Advocacy Day shirt
  • Fibromyalgia wristbands
  • Campaign buttons
  • Fibromyalgia stickers
  • Printed Advocacy Photo
  • Shoutout from Advocacy Day
  • President’s resources
  • Advocacy Training Materials

Health & Wellness Coaching

  • Six virtual one-hour health coaching sessions
  • One virtual one-hour essential oils coaching session
  • Blending Your Way to Wellness: 10 Quick and Easy Smoothie Recipes ebook
  • Social Media shoutout

Biohacking Fibromyalgia

  • Eight virtual one-hour functional medicine health coaching sessions
  • First ever Biohacking Fibromyalgia 101 starter handbook

There’s more packages and deals on the site. Check them out here.

Who is Support Fibromyalgia?

We’re a non-profit community dedicated to fibromyalgia education, research, and providing inspiration for the fibromyalgia community. The International Support Fibromyalgia Network believes everyone deserves positive healthcare experiences and with the help of our leadership team members across the country we’re reshaping the landscape of healthcare education and expanding local resources.

Our organization believes in collaboration. It is open, participatory and peer-driven. We’ve created a non-profit dedicated to educating, informing and inspiring the fibromyalgia community. Our founding advocates all have fibromyalgia and represent a wide variety of ages and experiences. We encourage you to reach out to our leadership team with questions about our programs and how to get involved. We are #SupportFibro!

What changes do we want in the fibromyalgia community?

Our local leaders come from diverse backgrounds and experiences. We lead with collaboration and are an inclusive network of women, men, parents, teens, young adults, Veterans, caregivers, families, advocates, providers, and researchers. Our vision for a better fibromyalgia future includes filling in the gaps for the following:

  • Patient-Centered Education
  • Healthcare Providers and Medical School Education
  • Fibromyalgia Research Coalition
  • Advocacy Training
  • Affordable Complementary Medicine

Local Community Collaboration

Join us in fostering a greater connection to improve quality of life, but also build our capacity to create and take action together in order to save lives. We need your support to build a patient-centered and empowered community with free workshops, free educational materials and support for local leaders.

Other Ways to Support Fibro and the community

We understand if you are not able to donate financially. You can #SupportFibro by sharing this campaign on social media or by email, tell friends about it, or create a Fibromyalgia Tour event! Let others know how they can receive fibro swag and other free perks by supporting the fibromyalgia community!

We will be forever grateful. Together the fibromyalgia community FIGHTS ON!

Get Exclusive Fibro Swag #fibroswag #supportfibro
Get Exclusive Fibro Swag #fibroswag #supportfibro

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