Connection between fibro and neurotransmitters #fibromyalgia #chronicillness #neurotransmitters

The Connection Between Fibromyalgia and Neurotransmitters

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Fibromyalgia is a complex illness. Doctors are continuously making new discoveries about it twenty years after clinically identifying it. One of the facts we know about fibromyalgia is an imbalance of neurotransmitters cause many of the main symptoms of fibromyalgia. Here is the connection between fibromyalgia and neurotransmitters. Read more

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Connection between fibro and neurotransmitters #fibromyalgia #chronicillness #neurotransmitters

What are neurotransmitters? 

According to Neurogistics, neurotransmitters are

the brain chemicals that communicate information throughout our brain and body.  They relay signals between nerve cells, called “neurons.”  The brain uses neurotransmitters to tell your heart to beat, your lungs to breathe, and your stomach to digest.  They can also affect mood, sleep, concentration, weight, and can cause adverse symptoms when they are out of balance.

In Fibrodaze’s article, Brain Chemicals Out of Balance in Fibromyalgiathe relationship between fibromyalgia symptoms and neurotransmitters is defined. Specifically, six neurotransmitters are discussed and how an imbalance of those neurotransmitters affect the body. Treatments are also addressed with natural and medicinal remedies.

This is an informative article, and essential to understanding the key symptoms of fibromyalgia.

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