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I was approached a few days ago by the Tommy John , an elite men’s underwear company, about participating in their Man of Substance campaign. My initial thought was, man of what? What is this? Why is an underwear company talking about “man of substance”? And what are they trying to sell me? I’m a paranoid person who thinks everyone is out to get my money. But the joke’s on them – there is no money for the taking! haha

This is NOT a sponsored post. It’s just something I thought was important for others to do – recognize the Man of Substance in their life. However, the Tommy John links throughout the post are referral links in which you receive 20% off your first order! 

Seriously though, the request made me interested and I asked for more information. This is what I was told:

The “Man of Substance” campaign was something that [Tommy John] started to honor men with integrity, who exemplify being a role model.


my man of substance #ManofSubstance #BeingFibroMom
photo credit: Brandi, Being Fibro Mom

Hmm…interesting. I like this concept. It’s great to recognize those men in our lives that go above and beyond their role of father, husband, son, etc. It’s essential to instill in our children, girls and boys alike, the importance of a male’s role in each of our lives. Having a strong and reliable man to look up to is just as important as having a strong and reliable woman to look up to. 

more than 20 million children live in a home without the physical presence of a father. Millions more have dads who are physically present, but emotionally absent. If it were classified as a disease, fatherlessness would be an epidemic worthy of attention as a national emergency.
There is a way to address this problem, and a step is by honoring the male role model to you or your children. Letting him know how important his role is and how much he is valued will encourage him to continue trying his best. 
Scroll down to see how you can tell us about your Man of Substance!

our four beautiful, strong-willed children


A special treat for being good troopers during our long day of house hunting. 😊👍🍦 #kids #icecream #happy #family

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So then I took it a further step and searched for the company to see what they are all about. Tommy John is about making underwear comfortable through their use of various fabrics. The fabrics are customized for the person’s preference – cool, soft, light, move, or warm. For my husband, the cool would be best because it’s breathable smart fabric that drys fast and cools quickly. Perfect for him!

Oh, here’s a better way to sum it up – their commercial. It’s cute, funny, to the point, and memorable.


Back to the Man of Substance campaign. My Man of Substance is my best friend and soul mate – my husband.

For my children, I want my sons to see the type of man they should aspire to be. How to care for their families, provide for their children and spouses, be loving to their wife, and bring their family closer to God. I want my daughters to see how a man should treat a woman with love, being tender, and having respect while still being strong-willed, independent, and driven.

My youngest daughter is a daddy’s girl and follows him everywhere even when it’s on the couch taking a nap.


Daddy and daughter are exhausted after a long day. #MyHeart #shh #letthemsleep

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There is no better man to show this to my children than my husband. He is the best role model for each of my children regardless of how different each of them may be. Even with varying personalities and strong traits, he cares for them individually on a level they can understand. They see how he loves me, treats me with tender care, respects my decisions, and provides for our family all while making time for each of them.


Man of Substance by Tommy John #ManofSubstance
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Despite the constant demand of caring for our family, he willingly cares for me. I’m not the average wife. I live with fibromyalgia and chronic pain with a bit of anxiety and depression to make it interesting. We never know what my ailments will be or how physically active I can be for the day. It’s a constant unknown with the never ending need for care from him. He meets these caregiver demands without complaints and always with loving hand and good intentions. 

My husband was playing swords with the four kids (hence the “sword” aka plastic golf club in the back of his shirt) while baking a delicious brown sugar ham for dinner. 



How my husband cooks ham. #killingit #nomnom #cooking #husband #ham

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My husband makes the weights of my illness and the care of our family easier to carry because we do it together. He knows when to sit back and listen, and when to offer his words of encouragement and support. Our children are going to be better men and women because of the role model they have in their dad.

my Man of Substance and strength



Tommy John has chosen NFL legend Steve Weatherford as their first annual Man of Substance. He embodies characteristics that should be celebrated- family oriented, confident and a deep care for his community. To celebrate, this month, Tommy John will be donating 10% of all second skin boxer brief sales towards the Steve Weatherford World Champion Foundation.

Who is your Man of Substance? Snap of photo of him, write a few sentences of why you choose him, and send it to me (email me here). I’m creating a wall of these #ManofSubstance to show others how proud of them we are!

20% off


photo credit: image created by Brandi, Being Fibro Mom
photo credit: image created by Brandi, Being Fibro Mom


Strength Through Weakness #strength #weakness #MyFibroJournal
photo credit: photo stock by ipopba from Dollar Photo Club, modified by Being Fibro Mom


The Diagnosis Series: Seeking the Purpose of my Chronic Illness
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5 thoughts on “My Man of Substance”

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  2. A lovely post sweet.

    I would also nominate my hubby for similar reasons. However, he married me after I became seriously ill. I nearly went down the aisle in the wheelchair. But mostly because he is a wonderful step-down to my daughter who’s own father deserted us when I got ill. My daughter loves her step-dad and calls him dad. She has a ropey relationship with her father but thankfully has learnt that not all men are the same.

    1. No, not all men are the same, and I’m glad you were blessed with one of the good ones. Our illness can take a toll on our bodies, but our caregivers have their fair share as well. Illness can affect everyone. Thank you for reading!

  3. Brandi I just want to say THANK YOU!!!! When I was at my weakest and about to take my life, I found your post. I have to say if it was not for your posting and my men of substance( my husband and son) I just might have done it!!! I had a doctor diagnosis me with fibro, but as he was typing I asked about disability he erased it and said I had to see a state Dr.,of course this was an appointment I didn’t have one of my men of substance with me. My husband and son decided that one of them would always go with me to my appointments( we are now looking for a new doctor) because it seemed I was getting pushed around as my son put it to me. Still no diagnosis, but your post have helped us. I read your post to my men of substance, in which they are also thankful for you..Many blessing.

    1. Thank you for reading my article! I’m so glad it was able to connect with you in some way. Having your son or husband with you is good because there is some strength in numbers. I will pray that you find the help you need. If you have any questions, please connect with me on Facebook page or in my Fibro Parenting group at Look forward to chatting with you!

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