Sunglasses: Deal With It

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Hi.  I’m not much for writing reviews, but in this case I have to make an exception.  If you’re currently a sunglasses-wearer, prepare to have your face melted with my five, yes, FIVE star review.  You better open those tight leather wallets and clear the cobwebs out of your purses because you’re about to purchase a new pair of sunglasses.  You’re welcome.

sunglasses deal with it #sunglasswarehouse #beingfibromom

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Wasn’t a sunglasses type-of-guy

I’ve never been a sunglasses type-of-guy.  The primary reason being – I have a huge head.  And it’s okay when people disagree with this statement because I know the truth.  When I was in the fourth grade, my art teacher gave us an assignment which involved each student standing parallel to the chalkboard.  She would then shine a projector light on us, casting our silhouettes onto a large, blank white sheet of paper that is hung on the chalkboard.  Next she would trace the outlines of our heads and we would all enjoy coloring them in.  I was the only student that she had to tape extra paper at the bottom so that my mouth and chin were not severed from the silhouette. So needless to say, sunglasses have never looked good on me and I have never found a pair of sunglasses worth keeping around, until now.


Baby steps

One day, a few months ago, my wife hands me a pair of sunglasses and tells me that they’re supposed to be really good and worth giving them a try.  I agreed as most intelligent husbands do when their wives tell them to do something.

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I tried them on in the house and the first thing I noticed was how they actually looked good on me.  Usually the answer to the formula, Huge Head + Sunglasses, results in Nice Try.  This time, I genuinely liked the feel and look.  So with this in mind I told my wife that I would definitely give them a try.


Face melted

It wasn’t until I was outside that I was truly amazed.  These sunglasses have polarized lenses.  I’m not truly sure what that means.  Now, this may sound weird, but when I put these on outside it seems as though they improve my vision.  Everything becomes intricately detailed from the leaves blowing on trees to the white bordered clouds floating above.  I was instantly sold.

Check out this image through the lenses of my sunglasses where you can see the details of the clouds not seen from the naked eye.  And just think how great this image looks, and you weren’t even there.



Now, I’m into cool new gadgets so the first thing I do is pass the sunglasses around to my wife and each of my four children and sure enough, they all responded in the exact same manner, “Wow!”  That’s how I felt the first time I put them on outside too!  These have now become a staple in my outgoing ensemble.  Now when I leave the house, I rarely leave without this pair of sunglasses and if I do happen to forget them at home, I am truly upset.  There is actually a moment in my mind where I am cursing myself for being such a moron.

Of course, with these sunglasses being all that and a bag of potato chips, my oldest son had to have a pair.  His pair is identical to mine and now with two family members partaking in awesome sunglasses, the whole family is requesting their own pair.  I’m sure it won’t be long until all six of us are strutting our stuff down the streets with these awesome sunglasses.

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Win a pair of sunglasses

Ok, so there’s some good news that I have for those of you who aren’t yet rocking sunglasses like these.  Sunglass Warehouse is having a 2017 Photo Sharing Contest on Instagram RIGHT NOW!  And keep checking and trying!  There is a new winner every Friday for the WHOLE YEAR!  There are just two simple steps to follow.  First, be sure to follow Sunglass Warehouse on Instagram.  Second, post a photo of you with your SW shades on and don’t worry, you will not look as good as I do, but we won’t hold that against you.  Don’t forget to use the tag @sunglasswarehouse so they know you’re not some crazy liar on the internet, as if those exist.  In the caption, ensure you use the hashtags #getoutthere & #sunglasswarehouse.  Hopefully you won’t screw this up and let down everyone you know.


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sunglasses deal with it #sunglasswarehouse #beingfibromom


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