The Frustration of Having to Cancel Plans…Again

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It is frustrating and disappointing to continually cancel plans due to anxiety, pains, or other symptoms of fibromyalgia. In this week’s show, I discuss my personal experiences of having to cancel plans…again.

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the frustration of having to cancel plans again #FibroLive #BeingFibroMom
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The Frustration of Canceling Plans

I hate canceling plans. HATE it. After yet again having to cancel plans with friends, I decided to share my personal experience on Fibro Live. Many of us can relate to continually cancel plans, and all of us are sick and tired of having to do it. We want to hang out with friends. We want to have fun with others and lead a somewhat ‘normal’ life.

Having to cancel and stay inside, alone, is not a desirable situation. We fear of slowing disappearing from our social lives and lose the few friends that remain at our sides. There are so many emotions involved, and you can see that in today’s show. Thank you for all the encouragement during and after the show aired!

**Immediately after the show, I received a call from a friend that watched the show. What happened next will be covered in a future Fibro Live show. Keep an eye out!


Fibro Live Video


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