Tips for Fast Healing After Surgery

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Surgeries are a stressful time for anyone no matter how many surgeries you may have had. Many times the recovery time can be twice as long when living with fibromyalgia, and it also has a tendency to trigger a flare, too. After having various surgeries, I’ve learned a few things to help with a smooth recovery with half the recovery time. Here are a few simple tips for fast healing after surgery.

Tips for Fast Healing After Surgery

Avoid Constipation

Most pain medicines will cause constipation. Being on a semi-liquid diet leading up to, and after, surgery will help ease constipation. Having easy bowel movements is especially important after abdominal surgery. It will be less painful and reduce straining and harming the surgical area.

If your doctor prescribes stool softeners, take them! As stated earlier, most painkillers cause constipation, and stool softeners will help.

It’s important to drink liquids, but warm liquids are better than cold liquids. Warm liquids will reduce gas and ease bowel movements. My favorite tea is Echinacea tea which is perfect because it supports the immune system.


Distractions will take your mind off recovering and cure restless bones. After each of my surgeries, I made sure to read the books I’d been meaning to read, movies on my watchlist, and catch up on TV series I’d missed. I also like to listen to podcasts with my eyes closed or color when my mind is too busy to focus on reading or watching anything.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration will prolong your recovery and prevent your body from properly healing. By not getting enough fluids, you could experience increased fatigue, dizziness, confusion, and other side effects. Staying hydrated will reduce pain and help heal the affected area faster. It will also help with bowel movements and reduce headaches. If it’s difficult to drink water for whatever reason, eat fruits with a lot of water such as melons or cucumbers. You could also sip on healing teas or drink smoothies.

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Medical Notebook

A medical notebook isn’t something you’d typically think of when it comes to tips for fast healing after surgery, but here’s why. After the surgery, you will most likely be on various medications. Each medication will have different doses at different intervals. Keep track of when and how much you took each medicine. Also keep track of bowel movements, temperature, and how much water you drink. This may sound trivial, but it may help if complications occur during recovery. It also helps people like me who have trouble remembering what times I took the last medicine. You can keep track of your medications in your medical notebook if you have one.


It’s important to rest but it’s also important to move when you can. Muscles can become cramped if not used regularly so get movement in small doses such as moving your legs or arms or other parts of your body as long as it doesn’t cause pain in the surgery area. Walk a few minutes each hour as you can even if it’s just a few minutes. Keep the walk slow and even-paced. Don’t overdo it or push yourself too far. You may not feel the pain of walking because of the pain medicine, so keep it minimal.

Play with Your Kiddos

Remember those fun bags you made before your surgery? Take them out and play with your kids one-on-one. Your recovery may make them feel lonely or forgotten. Didn’t make the bags? That’s okay. Play a card game or board game or watch a movie together. You can color with them or even just talk to them. Ask them questions about their days and what they have been doing. The important part is to make them feel important and to have your attention.

Warm Blanket

Having a warm blanket will help with body pains and any chill you may have while lying in bed. A heating blanket is perfect for recovering from surgery and even when you’re not!


This is the most important of all the tips. Rest, rest, rest! Your body has undergone trauma and needs time to repair. Rest is the most essential need you can give your body. Your pain medicine will make you feel as though you’re feeling okay, but you still need to take it easy. You don’t want to cause further damage or infection. Rest now to heal faster.

Let Others Help

Accepting help from others is the hardest thing for me to do. I am used to doing everything and caring for others, so it was difficult to let my family take care of me. Don’t learn this the hard way as I did. After two of my surgeries, I didn’t let my family help me. I was stubborn and tried to do it all on my own. This resulted in infections and setbacks which caused an even longer recovery. Let your family and friends help! They love you and want to help you so let them. You would do it for them, so let them do it for you.

Sleep Mask

Use a sleep mask during the day to get more restful sleep. A sleeping mask will also help with headaches should your pain medicine cause you to have headaches.

18 thoughts on “Tips for Fast Healing After Surgery”

  1. Having reading material is always important after surgery. I always make lists of TV shows and blogs I want to catch up on for really bad days during recovery, then I check out a lot of books from the library as well. That way I have something to do no matter how foggy I am from pain and medication, without getting bored.

    1. That’s a great idea! I checked out some books before my surgery and I was able to read them during recovery. A great way to pass the time.

    2. Those are all great tips!

      I’d add real Vitamin C, magnesium (any form that ends in “ate”: taurate, citrate, etc.), and a good probiotic! All help healing and help digestion, and magnesium is a natural muscle relaxer and sleep aid. Also, I’d cut out all sugar until fully recovered.

      1. Normally, I would agree; however, some of my medications have negative reactions to magnesium. My physician requested I stop all supplements until my medication is stopped. I completely agree with cutting out sugar, too! It’s definitely a hindrance in recovering.

    3. Valerie Santiago Rivera

      Hi Brandi,
      Your list is spot on and I thank you. I’m home recovering from knee surgery, today is day 4. I think I’m doing pretty well considering. Just trying to do things for myself is hard because I live alone. I have family that come by to bring me food and check on me. I’ll keep you posted in the following days. Fingers crossed! Be blessed.

      1. Hi, Valerie, I’m so glad these tips could help you. Be easy on yourself and get lots of rest! Take care and gentle hugs, Brandi

  2. I had a surgery last April to have a brain tumor removed and I’m still working on the healing.
    It is not always easy. Each surgery is different, each person is different… Patience is being my main tool. Most of the times it is not easy, but I’ll get there again.

    1. It’s not always easy, and I pray that you will fully recover soon. And, you’re right – each person and surgery is different. Listening to your body is key. Thank you for sharing!

  3. This is such a fantastic list Brandi, it will help many who are recovering! Thanks for joining the Link-It To Me Link Party, I hope you will join us again this week! Pinning 🙂

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  5. Good suggestions! I’m recovering from total hip replacement. I took my IPad, which covered the reading material and medical book. I also put my favorite soothing music on it. I have one CD that induces a bio-feedback calming response. I’ve used it for 5 surgeries.

    Other suggestion is to start the stool softener a few days before the surgery and double it on the day and following surgery. This prevented the constipation.

    Another suggestion is yoga! I increased my yoga classes to 3 times per week. This provided overall body strengthening, weight loss and calm.

  6. Good day,
    Please could you tell me how long after a colanoscopy does it take to have a normal stol

    1. Hi, Martie! Great question! My stool returned to normal within a day or so. If you have any concerns, please ask your physician. Thanks for reading my article!

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