10 Fun (and quiet) indoor activities for kids #beingfibromom #fibroparenting #kidactivities

10 Fun (and quiet) Indoor Activities for Kids

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Rainy days and too-hot-go-outside days are inevitable. You will also have flare days. During these times, we need to keep our kids entertained for both our sakes. Here are ten fun (and quiet) indoor activities for kids.

10 Fun (and quiet) indoor activities for kids #beingfibromom #fibroparenting #kidactivities
image created by Brandi Clevinger using the stock photo from Unsplash
10 Fun (but quiet) Indoor activities for kids #FibroParenting #fibromyalgia #beingfibromom Share on X

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Why Indoor Activities Are A MUST

Even with it being summertime and we’ve just returned from two vacations, my kids are constantly saying how bored they are. Really?! After all the constant activity we’ve had over the last two months, you’re bored?! This baffles me but also challenges me. I’d like to keep my kids off their electronic devices and engage their minds with fun games to play together. Hello, Pinterest!

There are so many activities that you can do with your kids! Whether you are indoors, outdoors, at home, or on vacation, there are literally thousands of activities that have been created to keep our kids’ imaginations going strong while keeping them entertained at the same time. During my search for activities, I realized there are more quiet games than others. Those are the best for me because of fibromyalgia making me sensitive to noises. These are fun games, and ones that my kids are enjoying (or will enjoy) playing!

This fun (but quiet) games will busy your kids, but the best part is that they are inexpensive and can be made from many of the items you already have at home. They are also perfect for days that you may be experiencing a fibro flare day or when you just need some quiet time at home. Either way, these are sure to be a hit in your home!

Tip: Gather and prepare the items ahead of time and store them in a bin that is out of sight. Don’t let the kids see the goodies! Bring out the bin on flare days, rainy days, or just-because days. Have fun!

10 Fun (and quiet) Indoor Activities

Paper Plate Ring Toss

Prepare the plates by cutting out the center. Let the kids decorate the plates then let the fun begin! Read more

image from https://alittlelearningfortwo.blogspot.com/2010/11/paper-plate-ring-toss-game.html
image from https://alittlelearningfortwo.blogspot.com/2010/11/paper-plate-ring-toss-game.html

Ball Toss

Gather some buckets (any size or shape will do) and let them toss in some balls to score points! Make it quiet: be sure to use softballs or line the buckets with towels to make it a quiet game. Read more

image from https://catchmyparty.com/photos/1425658
image from https://catchmyparty.com/photos/1425658

Paper Plate Tic-Tac-Toe

Throwdown some masking tape, get some paper plates and marker, and start some games of Xs and O’s! Bonus: This is just one of the few quiet activities that this creative mom from Learn with Play at Home has made for her DIY Kids Hotel Activity Pack. Read more

image from https://www.learnwithplayathome.com/2014/12/diy-kids-hotel-activity-pack.html
image from https://www.learnwithplayathome.com/2014/12/diy-kids-hotel-activity-pack.html

Rainbow Color Sorting Sensory Bin

All kids love cereal, and while I don’t endorse sugary foods, I do say let kids be kids (when it’s not overindulging). Sort out the colored Froot Loops or other rainbow-colored cereal into separate piles. Playing in it is okay, too! Read more

image from https://www.theresourcefulmama.com/rainbow-color-sorting-sensory-bin/

Pipe Cleaner Animal Crafts

Oh, the joys of pipe cleaners in all their multi-purpose wonder! These things are heavenly when it comes to crafting, and super affordable when you can purchase them in bulk at the dollar store. Read more

image from https://intheplayroom.co.uk/2016/04/18/10-pipe-cleaner-animals/
image from https://intheplayroom.co.uk/2016/04/18/10-pipe-cleaner-animals/

Pom Pom Soccer

Don’t let the lack of pom-poms stop you! If you can’t find the pom-poms at the dollar store, substitute with a cotton ball or even a small ball of paper. Read more

image from https://kidsactivitiesblog.com/15682/diy-pom-pom-soccer-game
image from https://kidsactivitiesblog.com/15682/diy-pom-pom-soccer-game

Balloon Tennis

Okay – I’m going to be honest. This one doesn’t exactly thrill me only because I have a slight phobia of balloons. Remember the Golden Girls episode when Dorothy pops Sophia’s balloon on a stick? Well, something similar happened to me when I was younger, and these lightweight elastic balls don’t amuse me. However, that doesn’t mean my kids can’t have fun, right? Just get a balloon and a fly swatter. No swatter? Use your hands or spatula or ruler. Just no pencil! Read more

image from https://littlebinsforlittlehands.com/balloon-tennis-gross-motor-play-activity/
image from https://littlebinsforlittlehands.com/balloon-tennis-gross-motor-play-activity/

Paper Towel Roll Sorter

Yeah, I made up that name. There wasn’t a name, and my creative streak is running low as it’s near my bedtime, so we’ll just call is a paper towel roll sorter for now. Tape it to the wall and let your little one put objects in it to be caught by a bucket or other container. Remember to keep it quiet by using soft objects such as pom poms or cotton balls. Read more

image from https://brightside.me/article/25-inexpensive-ways-to-keep-your-kids-busy-when-theyre-bored-86805/
image from https://brightside.me/article/25-inexpensive-ways-to-keep-your-kids-busy-when-theyre-bored-86805/

DIY Moon Sand

This is my favorite activity out of this list. I don’t know what it is about the moon sand – the texture, the calming feature. I don’t know, but it’s magic. My youngest daughter’s speech therapist made this for her a few years ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s super easy to make (two common ingredients – flour and baby oil), super easy to clean up (just brush off kid and sweep off floor), and the kids can take it outside or inside with them to play. Read more

image from www.lessonslearntjournal.com
image from https://lessonslearntjournal.com/d-i-y-moon-sand-or-cloud-dough/

Marshmallow Shooter

My kids love this activity because it’s the closest to guns that I’ll let them get. I know, I know – Nerf guns are a rite of passage, but not for this mom! I usually have pom-poms and marshmallows as well as plastic cups. And we all know where I stand on the balloon situation. Nevertheless, fun, fun, fun! Read more

image from https://www.the36thavenue.com/kids-activities-and-crafts/

Other Fun Quiet Games

There are other fun quiet games found on Amazon. Here are some I found.

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