5 tips for a healthy summer #summer

5 Tips for a Healthy Summer

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Believe it or not, but summer is truly just around the corner. Kids will be out of school and running for the pool, the sun will be shining, and smiles will be rampant. Even if you no longer have a traditional “summer break”, even the busiest of adults adopt a somewhat relaxed attitude during the summer months—blame it on the glorious weather and smell of sun screen everywhere you turn. If you’re looking for ways to sneak into that teeny sparkly bikini or you’re a fella hoping to rock some hilarious American flag swim trunks on the beach this summer, you’re going to want to be looking your best and feeling your healthiest. I’ve compiled the best tips for staying healthy in every facet of your life this summer, so browse our list and make sure you incorporate these awesome tactics into your everyday life.

5 tips for a healthy summer #summer
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1.Get Hydrated

This is important throughout the year, but high temperatures and increased time spent outdoors make dehydration a very real concern in the summer. While the experts often disagree about how much water is the right amount, one easy way we’ve found to ensure you stay hydrated is to cut your weight in half, and drink that number in ounces of water per day. Beyond avoiding headaches and dry, sallow skin, maintaining the proper levels of hydration contributes to all sorts of health benefits. Cells that don’t receive enough water can basically shrivel, leading to excessive muscle fatigue. Water plays an important role in transferring waste out of your cells, especially within the kidney, meaning too little water can cause major kidney-related issues. If water is not your favorite drink, make it more enticing by infusing it with your favorite fruits for a delicious and refreshing way to stay hydrated.

2.Take Advantage of Seasonal Produce

The summer season is rampant with different types of fresh produce, dependent on where you live. Take a look at local produce stands where you can find fruits and veggies straight from the orchards and fields. Make a commitment to trying out a new vegetable each week so as to avoid falling into a rut and tiring yourself out of specific vegetable offerings to make sure you get the range of nutrients your body so desperately craves.

3.Use Your Vacation Time

Too often, our mental health gets pushed aside, but we should put as much emphasis on keeping ourselves feeling great inside and out. If you have vacation time saved up, put it to good use. We all need time to get away from the hustle and bustle of work responsibilities to recharge and relax. In fact, this refresher period might actually see you becoming more productive, believe it or not. In a 2013 study, it was found that the majority of human resources professionals surveyed reported better performance from the employees that took their offered amount of vacation days. Women who don’t take vacations, by and large, tend to suffer from depression at higher rates, while men may suffer from an increased chance of heart disease. Time off may also boost your creativity, and promote better and higher levels of thinking.

4.Get Better Sleep

More light means more time for outdoor activities, but it could also play an unfortunate role in depleting the proper amount of sleep we receive each night. Try to avoid the temptation of staying up later during the summer and maintain your normal bedtime and wake up hours. Avoid caffeine and alcohol for at least three hours prior to your scheduled bed time. Don’t fall into the common mistake of thinking you can make up for lost sleep on the weekend; unfortunately our bodies don’t work that day. 

5.Protect Your Skin

We spend more time in the sun during the summer, meaning your skin is made vulnerable to harsh UV rays. Make sure you protect your skin by using the proper protection techniques; that means sunscreen, protective hats, and finding shady spots whenever possible. Summer months mean more dead skin cells, so take the time in the shower to slough of those dead particles with a loofa and keep your skin looking and feeling fresh and renewed.  

Summer is on its way, and incorporating these holistic health tips will see you having the season of a lifetime.

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