Can CBD oil help pain? A product review of Zion Medicinals full spectrum hemp oil #CBDoil #beingfibromom

Can CBD Oil Help Pain? {plus review of Zion Medicinals full spectrum hemp oil}

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Since starting my path to healing from fibromyalgia in 2013, I’ve learned various ways to manage my pain. When prescription medicines repeatedly caused me to have too many adverse reactions, I turned to alternative treatment options. One of the alternative options I use can be found in the cannabis plant in the form of cannabidiol (CBD). Can CBD oil help pain? Here’s what I thought about the full spectrum hemp oil formulated for pain by the company, Zion Medicinals.

Can CBD oil help pain? A product review of Zion Medicinals full spectrum hemp oil #CBDoil #beingfibromom
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Disclaimer: This product was given to me in exchange for a review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. As always, the review is in no way influenced by the company and all opinions are my own and honest.

What is CBD?

Cannabis is a popular treatment option due to its effective, natural healing properties. Unfortunately, many of us still live in a state that has not legalized the use of cannabis for medical use. For those of us in those illegal states, we are able to use hemp based CBD because it’s federally legal. (As opposed to marijuana based CBD which is restricted to those states where dispensaries are located.)

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Cannabidiol is one of over 100 cannabinoid components found in the cannabis plant (1). It has the opposite effects of the more popular and well-known component, THC. CBD plays a major role in acting on the cannabinoid receptors of the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system helps the functioning of physiological processes such as pain sensation, mood, and others (2).

Those of us living with fibromyalgia are thought to have a deficiency or breakdown in the ECS causing it to function improperly. Because CBD acts so well on the receptors of the endocannabinoid system, it can increase the amount of naturally-produced cannabinoids and fill in those deficiencies. CBD can even interact with dopamine receptors which regulates behavior and cognition.


Forms of CBD

Cannabidiol comes in various forms.  Some of the ways include (3):

  • Oil
  • Tinctures
  • Vaper
  • Spray
  • Topical products
  • Cannabis plant

I’ve tried it topically, and it was a success, so I’ve been eager to try the other ways to use CBD. When the opportunity arose to review CBD oil from Zion Medicinals, I was excited to research the company and their product.


Zion Medicinals

Zion Medicinals was started by Brian Caruso when he developed natural ways to relieve his wife’s suffering from Lyme. His CBD oil is a pharmacy-quality product providing relief to those that suffer from various pains and ailments.


Zion Medicinals Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

Taken from the Zion Medicinals website:

“We start U.S.-grown organic hemp and process it through spagyric extraction for maximum bioavailability and potency. Our tincture is a full spectrum hemp oil to give the user the best health benefits.

Full spectrum hemp oil can help with insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety and more.

Multi-day spagyric hemp extraction process
Full spectrum 7 cannabinoid profile (including .3% THC)
Ingredients: hemp, fractionated coconut oil
750mg cannabinoids per 30ml (1 oz) high potency formula
Single-sourced Colorado organic hemp”


How much CBD oil do you use?

The amount of oil you take depends on the strength of the oil (in this case it’s 750 mg), what you’re using it for, and how sensitive you are to CBD. Read more about dosing.

I started taking this oil for nerve pain I was experiencing, and even though I’d taken CBD products topically in the past, I started a low dose of half a dropper once a day. It relieved most of my nerve pain within a few minutes, so I know that was a good dose for me.

After the first day, I started taking half a dropper a few times throughout the day. Many of the times I took one in the morning, one at mid-afternoon, and again before bed. This helped with relief throughout the day and I didn’t have any flare ups as long as I was taking it.


How do you use the oil?

I placed a half dropper of oil under my tongue, held for a least 60 seconds, and then swallowed. You can hold it longer for it to be more beneficial, but one minute was enough for me.


How does the oil taste?

I was worried about the taste, but it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t have to drink anything afterwards because there was no after taste lingering.


Can CBD oil help pain?

Yes, this product by Zion Medicinals worked for my nerve pain, and reduced the pain by 75%. That’s a huge reduction for me! Nerve pain is currently one of my biggest symptoms. It causes a lot of physical pain, but also emotional struggles and heightened anxiety. As I previously stated, I took half a dropper a few times throughout the day. This helped with relief throughout the day and I didn’t have any flare ups as long as I was taking it. Overall, my anxiety reduced as I experienced less nerve pain day to day.


Other Zion Medicinals Products

There are other products by Zion Medicinals including a 1500 mg oil. You can check out all of their products including their salve.


Zion Medicinals code


My rating for Zion Medicinals Hemp Oil



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