ChronicAlly Box November Review #ChronicAllyBox #BeingFibroMom #fibroreview

ChronicAlly Box: A Subscription Box for the Chronically Ill

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There are tons of subscription boxes out there, and now I’m happy to say there is a subscription box for the chronically ill, too. The ChronicAlly Box is a special collection of items made just for those with a chronic illness. I had the opportunity to review the box for November, and share my thoughts with you about this fun box!

ChronicAlly Box November Review #ChronicAllyBox #BeingFibroMom #fibroreview
image created and designed by Brandi Clevinger

Disclaimer: This product was given to me in exchange for a review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. As always, the review is in no way influenced by the company and all opinions are my own and honest.

Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post, but these are products I recommend and have verified and/or used.

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Who is ChronicAlly Box?

ChronicAlly Box is a subscription box tailored to women living with a chronic illness. Each box is assembled by a chronic illness warrior, and contains 3-6 full sized health and beauty products. The idea of ChronicAlly is to help make us feel as beautiful as we are while making our beauty routines a little bit easier.

November’s Box

I received November’s box, and did not unpack it until I was live on Facebook (visit me here). This allowed my viewers to see an honest, initial reaction to each product. I LOVED the products!! (Check out this review and all my other reviews on my YouTube Channel.)

November’s Contents

These are the products in the November ChronicAlly Box.

The box also includes a card that lists the contents, ChronicAlly Box website, ways to connect with them on social media, as well as the theme for the month.

Slant Collections “You got This Mug”


**Updated 12/10/16: Do NOT put this mug in the microwave as the handle will cause sparks.

Seeing this mug excited me because sometime around Halloween, I saw this mug on Facebook. I wanted it. Because this is the words I need to see sometime. It seems to be all I have to get through the day, but at the end of, I got this. No matter how chaotic or stressful it can be – I got this. Collecting mugs is also something I do, so there was that, too. (Find this mug and other pieces of the Slant Collections here.)


Coffee in my new mug from November’s #ChronicAllyBox and some reading of Scarlett this morning.

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The Tea Spot, Tuffy Steeper

How cool is this steeper?! Getting products that are reusable is always a bonus, and this tea steeper is that and more. It’s collapsible, silicone, and portable. Yes, yes, and yes! After steeping your loose tea in this red hot steeper (in your ‘You Got This’ mug), place it on the upside down lid to catch the liquid. Convenient and genius! (Check out all the colors of this steeper!)


The Tea Spot, Meditative Mind Loose Leaf Tea

This package of loose tea is made up of Chinese white tea, rosebuds, and jasmine pearls. Meditative Mind tea helps focus the mind, is uplifting yet soothing, eases tension and aids in relieving the blues. I haven’t tasted the tea as of this post, but I plan on tasting it soon. (Browse all the loose tea by The Tea Spot, and there’s even a gift set that includes loose tea AND a tea steeper!)


House of Intuition, Clarity Bath Bag

Keeping with the theme, the clarity bath bag steeps in your hot bath that help relieve sore muscles and joints. As with the tea, it eases tight muscles and soothes stress while relaxing in the heat of a bath. I used this last week while having a flare in symptoms. It wasn’t as aromatic as I was hoping; however, I didn’t use the entire bag and my bath tub is twice the size of a typical bath. The bag can also be thrown on the floor of the shower for effects.


Hurraw! Chai Spice Lip Balm

This lip balm came at the perfect time! My husband and I love to use doTERRA’s peppermint lip balm, but somehow it got loss in the shuffle between us (read – it took it from me). I was happy to get this so I could have my own lip balm. To my surprise, it works just as well as my current trustworthy balm. Yes! Oh, yeah – the other great stuff about the balm. It’s all natural, organic, vegan, and raw. It contains black pepper, cinnamon, clove, anise and vanilla. It’s tasty indeed, but so relieving for cracked lips. (Find your favorite flavor of Hurraw! lip balm.)


My Rating and Conclusion

I give this subscription box 5/5 stars! Yes, I am biased towards it being a subscription box for chronic illness warriors, but it’s also has good, quality products with the added convenience of it being shipped directly to you.


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ChronicAlly Box November Review #ChronicAllyBox #BeingFibroMom #fibroreview
image created and designed by Brandi Clevinger


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