Excessive Sweating with Fibromyalgia #fibromyalgia #hyperhidrosis #beingfibromom

Excessive Sweating (or Hyperhidrosis) with Fibromyalgia

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I recently read an article about fibromyalgia sufferers having an issue with excessive sweating. What is excessive sweating with fibromyalgia, what causes it, and why should fibromyalgia sufferers be concerned with it?

Excessive Sweating with Fibromyalgia #fibromyalgia #hyperhidrosis #beingfibromom
stock image from Adobe Stock by © Piotr Marcinski and modified by Brandi, Being Fibro Mom
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What is excessive sweating?

When a body exerts energy it also produces sweat in order to cool down. The body sweats during certain terms when it has to work harder such as working out, walking excessively, or when it’s hot outside.

When the body sweats and it is not in response to a typical condition such as the ones listed above, then it is excessive sweating.


What causes excessive sweating?

There are a few causes of it. A link to a medical condition could be the culprit. Included are:

Certain medications also cause excessive sweating.


What are the symptoms?

  • night sweats
  • overall body sweating (not just feet, face, hands)
  • sudden changes
  • sweating on one side of the body and not the other
  • sweating after medication changes
  • sweating with other symptoms



There are a few treatments to help with excessive sweating. Some of these treatments include:

Do not ignore the signs of excessive sweating. It could be linked to a more serious underlying health condition. If you are experiencing these symptoms, and think you may have excessive sweating, please speak to your physician.


How does hyperhidrosis affect fibromyalgia sufferers?

Fibromyalgia is a multi-faceted illness meaning that it has many outlets to the symptoms, causes, and more. If you are experiencing excessive sweating, it could be caused by one of the above mentioned medical causes that stems from living with fibromyalgia.

Read more about Fibromyalgia.

Disclaimer:  Please consult with your physician or healthcare provider for health care and treatment. The information in this website is not a substitute for professional medical nor healthcare advice.

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Excessive Sweating with Fibromyalgia #fibromyalgia #hyperhidrosis #beingfibromom
stock image from Adobe Stock by © Piotr Marcinski and modified by Brandi, Being Fibro Mom

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14 thoughts on “Excessive Sweating (or Hyperhidrosis) with Fibromyalgia”

    1. I had my knee replaced 5 years ago. I did not have Hyperhidrosis until after this. I have Fibroid myalgia And I did not know that these two things were linked. I have seen several Dr.s and they just don’t know much about this! I am glad to know about this so maybe I can get some relief now.

    2. I have excessive sweating day and night and was diagnosed with fybro about 8 months ago. I do not work right now since I cannot blow dry my hair, wear makeup, and I change clothes about 3 times a day. I will feel the pain come and I start to get extremely flushed and sweat. It’s so embarrassing. I tend to hide. Anyone else who can relate?

      1. Sky, I used to think I was the only person suffering with this. There is nothing more embarrassing. Same here with hair and makeup. Get out of shower and can’t even get ready. Hair just won’t dry. Forget products they just run down your neck.
        Go shopping and sweat like crazy. Funny thing is I don’t sweat under my arms. It’s all head, sometimes my arms too.
        Almost 10 years and no answers from anyone.
        So yeah I get it.

        1. I usually go out to my car and sit with the AC on high, blowing on my face to put on makeup. Then I put a rolled up tissue around my hairline to keep the sweat from rolling down on my makeup. Blow drying my hair is very hard. I have one fan on my BR cabinet and a large box fan blowing in the doorway. I take an electric fan on all overnights. I keep a hand fan in my purse.

        2. OMG. Me too! Head sweating is awful. Any heat or exertion at all causes it and definitely after a shower. Have you found anything to help???

      2. I had a total flare that lasted almost 6 months, I had to quit my job, now what kind of job will hire a person who constantly looks like she goes in the back room to take a shower every ten min

      3. The average doc doesn’t bother telling Fibro patients of the many and varied other things that Fibro causes. You have to do your own research. Remember that if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. I’ve had Fibro over 20 yrs now. I belong to many groups. Find a group that is about managing symptoms and is NOT a woe is me site. Facebook has many groups and it’s critical communication for ideas to manage your symptoms. Oh Pinterest too. Gentle hugs

  1. I was diagnosed with FMS in 1995, i now need 2 total knee replacements, bipolar, the list goes on. The last couple yrs. me & everyone around me noticed my excessive sweating but it went away for a bit. I just seems like fibromyalgia is linked to EVERYTHING! Honestly the more i learn about fibro. the more stressed i get…..my brain is on overload!

  2. Susan. I’ve had fibromyalgia for about 15years. Just now finding out more info about. Now have some hope for a little relief (haha). Didn’t get info from Dr but from these posts before I thought I was losing my mind. Am now trying some of the tips and hoping for a little relief .I have thyroid problems, copd,spinal,vision,flushing,sweating,balance,red rash,many of the other symptoms.

  3. I have had excessive head sweating since I was 2 yrs old I was told I had fybromialgia 2016 an I am now 56 yrs old. I have every color of car shammies there is I wet an put around my neck to try to keep my shirt as dry as possible I don’t sweat any where else just my head an will sweat till I pass out I believe it got worse with the fybromialgia I have taken the pills an they done nothing but make my mouth eyes an nose so dry I couldn’t take it. I am so sorry anyone else goes threw this debilitating crap an taking a shower is a horrible you go from clean to nappy head so fast I get out an have to set for a while Infront of a fan I freeze from the neck down but if I don’t have it cold enough to hang meat inside there is no dealing with it an absolutely no answers or help at all. I pray for us all much love an many hugs sent y’all’s way oh yeah an shopping is a bad situation because I am soaking wet an when someone ask ARE YOU OK it goes from just sweat to stress sweat an then I smell like cat pea. An everyone just loves that smell yeah right .

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