How Aromafloria lessens fibromyalgia pains #fibroliving #fibromyalgia #aromafloria

How Aromafloria Lessens Fibromyalgia Pains

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There are many treatment options for fibromyalgia symptoms, but my preferred option is natural treatments. I use a combination of sticking to the right foods, daily routines of the right exercise, and topical products such as lotions with CBD oil and essential oil diffusers like this one. There are so many different products that claim to relieve aching and tired muscles, but which ones really work? The ones that really do give you relief, relaxes your muscles, and does it in a naturally caring way? These products are the Muscle Soak collection from Aromafloria, and here’s how Aromafloria lessens fibromyalgia pains (keep scrolling to find out how to use it and the all natural ingredients used).


How Aromafloria lessens fibromyalgia pains #fibroliving #fibromyalgia #aromafloria
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Disclaimer: This product was given to me in exchange for a review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. As always, the review is in no way influenced by the company, Aromafloria, and all opinions are my own and honest.

Disclosure: I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post, but these are products I recommend and have verified and/or used.

Who is Aromafloria?

From the Aromafloria website:

For nearly three decades Aromafloria has delivered finely crafted, artisanal quality body care and aromatherapy products. Each unique formula is powered by a custom blend of organic essential oils, therapeutic herbs, exotic botanical extracts, vitamins and minerals to deliver optimal health benefits.

Aromafloria aromatherapy products are manufactured in a USDA Certified Organic facility that is 100% wind powered. Ingredients are carefully sourced from fair trade markets worldwide. Great care is taken to ensure that our suppliers adhere to the highest ethical standards and that all organic plant based materials are harvested from renewable and ecologically sustainable growers. Every effort is made to leave a minimal footprint on the environment, to keep Earth’s natural resources in tact for future generations to come.

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Muscle Soak collection

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I received products from Aromafloria’s Muscle Soak collection and inhalation beads for review. First note – I’m amazed by the extensive collections. The broad collections include Aromatherapy, Spa at Home, and Custom Blending. Each of those collections are broken down into specific collections. For example, the Muslce Soak collection falls under the Aromatherapy collection. This specific collection included:

This products include eucalyptus, peppermint, and lemongrass essential oils for relieving tired muscles and easing tension. Even though each of the products in the collection are aimed for muscle tension relief, each product works different for me. And I use each product for different purposes.


What I love about each product

The bath salts give me a complete relaxation of muscle and mind. The smells calm me and I get an overall sense of unwinding. I use the bath salts at the end of a long, physical day, and when I feel like my body just can’t move any more. It’s usually towards the end of the night, right before I go to bed.

The bubble bath relaxes my body, but the smells are a bit more reviving. Not an excited, I-can’t-go-to-bed reviving, but a more alert and stimulating feeling. I use the bubble bath when I still have a few hours before bed and the kids are still awake. This gives me that last bit of energy before bed.

The body scrub doesn’t stimulate or subdue me like the salts and bubbles do. It gives my muscles an in-between the soaking baths type of care. I use it before my body is hurting or tired, and it’s typically at the start of the day. Especially on the days that I know are going to be long or physically demanding. This is that product. Like Grandma’s mentholated muscle cream  – not sure if I need it, but just in case (without the terrible smell).

I’ve saved the best for last – the massage oil. Now I don’t use this one a lot, but only because it requires me to use my husband. You don’t have to, but you should. Use your own husband, I mean, not mine. After a quick shower on special occasions, I’ll ask my husband if he would mind using this oil. I know he wouldn’t mind, but I often times get that guilt of needing someone to rely on. You know what I mean? This is why this is my favorite out the Muscle Soak collection. He is a great massager, and this oil is perfect for this!


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Inhalation Beads

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The inhalation beads are portable and can be taken with you for on-the-go aromatherapy. Each jar of beads contains different essential oils based on their healing properties. There are four types of inhalation beads and include:

I got the Sleep Ease and Sinus Help beads, and they are amazing! I love the smells of essential oils, so when I discovered inhalation beads, I was in heaven! Each jar of beds contains a small sack in order to hold the beads.

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What I love about each product

My husband has a stuffy nose each night, and I’m trying to get him off the medicated nose sprays. It didn’t take long for him to stop using the sprays once he started breathing in the aromas of the Sinus Help beads. The stuffy feeling goes away, and his breathing clears. And the smell is great, too! It’s mentholated, but not overpowering at all.

The Sleep Ease is my little friend each night. My husband calls it my sleep sack because I won’t go to bed without first smelling it and then putting it in my pillowcase. Every time I smell it, I’m transported back to childhood smelling the fresh linen wash by my grandmother. It makes me happy and calms me before sleeping. Every so often, I’ll wake up smelling it through my pillow case, and I smile before falling back to sleep. I even take it with me on vacation. It’s seriously that good to me!

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How and When to Use It

The instructions to use each product is on the products’ labels. They are like any other bath product, but a little goes a long way. For the inhalation beads, pour a small amount into the sack provided, hold it to your nose, and breathe in. For further information, contact the Aromafloria website.

Use the products as often as you like! I alternate days of my regular bath wash with the body scrub. Or if I know it’s going to be a long or physical day, I start the day off with the body scrub and end the day with a warm soaking bath of salts or bubble bath.

I’ve been slowly repainting my house. I say ‘slowly’ because my body can only take so much painting in one day. After each day of painting, I soak in a tub of either the bath salts or the foaming bubble bath. I love the smells of the essential oils, and my body melts into the relaxing bath. My body is like gelatin getting out – loose and moving again.

My Thoughts and Conclusion

These products, even in the same collection, work differently for me. They each have their qualities that I love (as noted above), but all of them are natural and filled with essential oils (read more about essential oils). The Aromafloria’s collections fall in alignment with my natural treatment needs, and deliver on that promise. The products relieve tired muscles, ease tension, and promote calmness. These are all essential in healing with fibromyalgia.

There are other products I’m willing to try after the experience with the Muscle Soak collection. They even have a men’s line I’m wanting to get my husband. I know he would benefit from their products just as much as I would.

I give this product a five out of five stars. I’m sold with these products. I’ve tried many products and even gave one product 4/5 stars (read about that product), but none have gotten this high of a rating.

Overall, yes, this is worth looking into for relief of your fibromyalgia symptoms.

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How Aromafloria lessens fibromyalgia pains #fibroliving #fibromyalgia #aromafloria
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