How to Correct Poor Posture #PosturePump #chronicpain #BeingFibroMom

How to Correct Poor Posture

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Like many others, I have poor posture causing pain in my neck, back, and out to my extremities. Spending most of my time at a computer only worsens my slouch day by day. Improving my posture will, eventually, lead to decreased levels in pain. But what are ways to correct poor posture, and improve my neck and spine alignment? One way is to use the Posture Pump®.


How to Correct Poor Posture #PosturePump #chronicpain #BeingFibroMom
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Disclaimer: This product was given to me in exchange for a review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. As always, the review is in no way influenced by the company, and all opinions are my own and honest. Please read further details in my full disclosure policy.

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What are the effects of poor posture?

Poor posture can lead to physical AND mental side effects. Slouching can cause our abdomen to become constricted causing our blood vessels, lungs, and muscles to be overworked. Breathing, blood flow, and nerve reception decreases as our sitting and standing positions become more curved into a slouched position. Nerves are also effected in the way they send and receive signals to the brain. These are just a few of the many effects of having poor posture.


What can corrected posture do?

Having improved posture can ease breathing, improve blood flow, and improve muscle fatigue. Nerves can start function properly and transmit/receive signals more effectively. Thinking will improve and daily pain levels will start decrease.

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How can you correct poor posture?

There are several ways to correct posture such as doing certain exercises or working with a physical therapist. However, I have been using the Posture Pump® for six weeks (as of the publishing of this article), and have noticed an improvement in my posture. Even as I type this article, I am aware of sitting in a more upward position and not angling my head down and forward.


Who is Posture Pump®?

From the Posture Pump® YouTube Channel:

Posture Pump® Decompresses and Hydrates Compressed Discs While Shaping the Neck and Back into Proper Posture. Not a Massager, Roller or Pillow! Posture Pump® products have been recommended by Doctors for over 20 years. Proven in TWO IRB Approved MRI Studies conducted by a Neurosurgeon to draw bulging disc material back into spinal discs while decompressing and enhancing the natural postural curves. Check out Posture Pump® products today!

Why I wanted to try Posture Pump®

I wanted to try the Posture Pump® because last year my physical therapist pointed out my poor posture. The daily pain I feel in my neck and trapezius region is due, in part, to me slouching. Most of my days are spent behind a computer, and by the end of the day, my neck and shoulders are curved inward towards my chest. Pretty soon, I began walking in this position. Something had to change, and fast.


Using the Model 1400 D

After receiving my Posture Pump® Model 1400 D, I read the inserts and there was an emphasis on reading the instructions in their entirety before using the pump. The reason is in the instructions. Misuse can cause further damage, and it’s recommended to proceed with caution (as with any new activity). Be sure to discuss with your physician your intention to use the pump.

The warm up neck exercises in the directions are a must before using this product. It’s the same as when exercising – warm up your muscles.

As indicated in the instructions, the 1400 D does fit snug on the neck and shoulders. Be sure to get adjusted before pumping the cells with air. Two pumps were used the first week and slowly increased week by week as my neck become accustomed to the device. Do NOT unstrap the head restraints and immediately sit up after deflating the cells. Do as the instructions say, and remove the strap, roll slowly to your side for a few minutes before sitting up.When finished with the Posture Pump®, do the neck exercises to conclude the session.



Tip: I recommend having someone read the instructions to you as you use the device. It was a bit cumbersome to read the instructions while having my head strapped to the device.

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for more information (lots of great videos, too).

My experience

I noticed when I did the neck exercises, there was a lot of tension, pulling, crunching, and popping. I didn’t realize my neck could make so many noises! It felt great and hurt all at the same time. When doing the neck stretches after using the device, my neck muscles didn’t make as many noises and there was less pulling/stretching. It didn’t hurt as much as when I started. This lasted a week or so.

While the cells inflated with air, I felt a slight pull in my neck. It felt odd, but didn’t hurt. In fact, the stretch and pushing of air into my neck felt good. Odd, but good.

After the first few uses, I experienced a slight headache. Nothing too big or crippling, but small at the base of my head. This dissipated after just 30 minutes of using the device, and the headaches stopped after a week of using the Posture Pump®.

I used the pump each night before going to bed. Keeping it next to my side of the bed reminded me to use it each night as recommended. It did cause discomfort and a bit of soreness the first few weeks of use, but this is normal causing me no alarm.



My thoughts on Posture Pump®

I like the Posture Pump® Model 1400 D. It was a bit strange to use at first, and the feelings of pumping an air cell into my neck was odd, but nothing hurt. It did improve my  posture and decrease my neck pain. I used it every day which is okay, but can also be used just a few times per week.

There were a couple of dislikes about the pump. It is cumbersome to use even after I got use to it. It takes about 15 minutes start to finish which isn’t a long time; however, when I’m tired at the end of the day, adding another 15 minutes can be grueling. You can avoid this if you can set a reminder to start your bed routine 15 minutes sooner to accommodate this. Even after six weeks, I forgot to do this.


My Rating

Overall, I give this product a three out of five stars. After using the neck device, I am interested to try the lower back pump. Check out all their products!



Posture Pump® is offering my readers a 15% of your purchase with the discount code F15. Visit Posture Pump® on their Facebook page or tweet to them with your experience.



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How to Correct Poor Posture #PosturePump #chronicpain #BeingFibroMom
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